• it was Friday, June 17, 1994. i was seven years old then. it was the day my mom left. she went to go get groceries. i tried to stop her but I couldn't, she left any way. three hours later she still wasn't back so i took a nap. i then woke up in a house that wasn't my own. in a pink room. not mine. i staggered to the police office. "officer," i said "i'm lost! please help me! i think someone kidnapped me and brought me to their house in my sleep!" the officer looked concerned. "okay son what's your name and and how old are you?"
    "i'm Kaleb Hammons, and i'm 7 years old" the officer typed that in to one of those new dell computers. "okay so you were born in 2001?" he asked.
    "what, no! i was born in 1987!"
    "well then, you would be 14, are you 14?
    i was so confused what did he mean?
    "what year is it?
    "umm... 2008 . why kid?
    everything was swirling it was to much!
    "NO!" i irrupted "WHERE'S MY MOM? WHY ARE YOU LYING TO ME?" i busted through the door.
    the cop called the mental hospital and i was wiscked away. i was later informed that i was in a coma for seven years because i had a concussion and fell asleep. it was a miracle that i was alive. i also learned that my mom died 2 years ago when i was in a coma and my grandparents were looking after me. they took me home after 7 years of being that coma. so i guess i was 14. huh. i was in the mental hospital for three years and i got out in 2011. i then found my old house. it was old and cracked and vines were growing all over it. i knew what i had to do.
    it was Friday June 17, 1994. i went out to get groceries despite my son's begging. i was about to leave when a young man, that looked about 17, walked up and cried "DON'T GO!" i had a schedule that i followed and this strange boy was messing it up! "i'm sorry" i said "but i need to go, now"
    "no please don't go!" he cried. then he told me this ridiculous story about being in a coma and going to a phyco place. and then, the worst part of all, he said "and if you don't go right back and bring your boy to the hospital he'll be in a coma too, and you'll die!" i was pretty freaked you by this kid threatening me and he had that phyco look in his eyes. "okay" i said backing away "i'm going to go in and bring him to the hospital" i turned around to ask the young man's name, but he vanished.
    Kaleb was then brought to the hospital in the nick of time and his concussion was treated.
    the mom did die in 2006 and she totally forgot about the boy who talked to her the next day. Kaleb was 12 when she died. his grandparents looked after him from then on. and guess what. this story was basically a waste of time because none of this really happened.