• Chapter 1: A new awakening: Part 3

    The girl could sense the murder in the air. She stares at LR234. Her body automatically moves without her permission. She takes a step back, then another, and then her legs gave in and she collapsed on the floor. Her lips moved silently as she watches in horror.
    Nil’s eyes flutter open, just the slightest. But it was the wrong time to wake up from being unconscious. And least then he wouldn’t be able to feel.
    LR234 still held Nil’s left wrist with his right hand. He slowly placed his other hand around Nil’s forearm and crushed his bones. The boy screamed in pain. It was so loud and heart wrenching that it rattled the girl’s ear drums. But she didn’t wince. She stared, eyes wide with terror.
    “Nil…Nil…” you couldn’t hear her voice. “Nil—”
    Nil gave another screeching cry as his bone snapped in more pieces. His forearm was bent ninety degrees.
    “You b*****d!” the girl shrieks, her voice was louder than Nil’s. She gets up, charged at LR234, jumps, and pins him to the floor. He lets go of Nil as it happened. The girl had a firm grip on his hair and she was banging his head on the ground. Over and over, eyes menacing, screams full of pure hatred.
    LR234 wasn’t doing anything. He was just staring at her, at her reaction. And something in her voice sparked a meaning inside of him. It was small, but it was something a living dead should never feel, even the slightest. He couldn’t understand it though.
    “Stop taking my family away from me!” the girl cries. Her whole body trembled so much that it wouldn’t support her anymore. Her arms went limp and she fell forward, her forehead rested against his. She was sobbing, the tears dripping onto his face. “Don’t hurt him…he’s all I have left…” she says between breaths.
    LR234’s mind went wild. Rushes of memories flashed through him, one after another, all jumbled up. He was seeing different scenes go by—fast. Although his mind was wild, his physical self was the same. Still motionless, still dull and expressionless, eyes lifeless like always. His memory wave stops on a certain scene. He sees flames everywhere, one behind another. He’s inside a house—his house. Smoke stings his eyes, making it water. The floor was hot. His skin burned. He notices a cut on his arm and it was bleeding. It hurt. But he doesn’t understand the feeling. Then he sees five shadows behind the scorching flames. One of them—he somehow knew—was his father.
    “Stop taking my family away from me!” his father shouts.
    Then LR234 could see the shadows face him. They were muttering something.
    “No…” his father says. “Don’t hurt him. He’s all I have left!”
    Then the memory blacks out.
    Back in reality, the girl crawled off LR234 and was now cradling Nil in her arms. She avoided his broken arm, though. It looked too fragile and shattered to touch. Nil’s skin was pale. He wasn’t dead but he was close to it. Blood trickled down his forearm, forming a pool on the cold wooden floor.
    LR234 gets up. The hole in his neck, which was inflicted by the girl earlier, already healed. He takes a step closer to them and stares. The girl glares at him in return but she doesn’t say anything. LR234’s finger twitched as he reached out to them, but then he stops midway. It was quite and there was no movement. No sound either, other than the clock ticking. It echoed deeply in the silence.
    The girl was ready to attack, but to her surprise, LR234 turned away from them. He jumps out of the hole he made in the wall and was gone. The girl was confused. He was a living dead and yet he spared them their life. She shakes the thought from her mind. He hadn’t spared her younger brother his life so he isn’t any different. She stares at Nil’s arm, then at the blood. Doctor, she says in her mind. I need a doctor.

    To be continued