• They slowly made their way into the darkened room inside of the barn. Travis struggled to light the match which was left in the pocket of the sweatshirt he was wearing. His father was a heavy smoker and the sweatshirt belonged to him. Travis had it because that was the only thing he could grab on his way out of his house.
    When he finally got the match lit, it revealed a room full of nothing but dust. They had little time before the match burnt out, so they quickly went into the next room, where they found a candle and lit it. In this room there was a giant portrait of a family above the couch. It looked like a living room. In the picture there were 4 children and three adults. All three children had blond hair and blue eyes to match the father. The mother had auburn hair and green eyes. The third older person was standing towards the back of the painting, in the distance. She had black hair and brown eyes. She was dressed in old tattered rags, and was probably their servant or house keeper. Travis’s glaze was fixated on the painting. He wanted to know the story behind it, but he figured he would probably never know because this house was empty. They continued their search throughout the house. Down the hallway there were three doors. Two on the right and one on the left
    They searched the ones on the right side and discovered they were bedrooms. In one of them the bed was messed up. The blankets were scattered on the floor and the sheets were half pulled off. The other bedroom was undisturbed. Next they moved to the door on the left. Christi grabbed the handle and tried turning it,
    “Travis, its locked” she said as she struggled with it.
    “That shouldn’t be locked. This house is so old its probably just stuck, let me try.” Travis grabbed the handle while gently pushing Christi out of the way. He started jingling it and pulling, but it was just the same as with Christi.
    “Yup, that’s locked,” Travis said after he realized his efforts were no good.
    “Do you have a card of some sort?”
    “Why?” asked Christi.
    “Because I know how to slide it through the door and unlock it”
    Christi rolled her eyes and reached into her back pocket. She pulled out a name tag from her job. She wouldn’t need this anymore. She handed it to Travis who slid it through the door and a tiny ‘click’ signified he was not lying. They pushed the door open slowly and cautiously. There was a set of stairs. In the distance they would see something glowing. They started to walk down the steps when Christi slipped on the first one. Travis grabbed her before she rolled down the steps, but she had hurt her ankle.
    Travis looked down the stairs and saw the light moving closer.
    “Come on Christi, we need to get out of here.”
    He grabbed her and started to run up the stairs and out. When he got to the front door, it was locked. The light kept getting closer.