• It was a day three years ago exactly. Freyr's father was outside in the yard practicing his swordplay. Freyr himself was thirteen years old. He watched in amazement as his father dueled with the three elite guards he was training with. After a grueling match his father stood victorious. He helped the guards up and asked "Same time, next week?" They all looked at each other, nodded and said "Can we bring a friend?"
    His father gave his deep laugh as always and replied, "Sure, sure. Bring more than one if you want to." He got up and turned to leave when he saw Freyr watching.
    "Son, I know you are fascinated with swordplay, but I might get in trouble again if your mother catches you watching me," he said nervously eyes darting to the sides.
    "It's alright. I told her I'd be over at C's so she's not gonna come looking for me here." Freyr said confidently
    "What about if she checks for you there and she doesn't find you? She would be worried out of her mind and would convince the entire town to come looking for you. It's happened before, remember?" he said, taking a few cautious steps from Freyr and angled his body as if to go home.
    "I''ve got that covered too Father, she's meeting me here. In fact, she should be here any min--" he started and then was cut off.
    "Freyr!" Caci yelled waving her arms and panting heavily."Um, Caci, did you run here?" He asked.

    © August 15th, 2009