• Tyler frowned when Grace smacked him in the head. Renna laughed, but Seth frowned again. Mundane smiled even wider as Renna and Seth stared at the ashes remaining on the porch.
    "Let's explore the house. Your rooms are upstairs, Renna, I hope you don't mindd but you have an attic bedroom. Seth is just one ladder and seven doors away. Grace is several hallways down from the attic but only three doors down from the bathroom. Tyler, if you don't mind your room is basement level, but it's not quite as cold. My room is just off the laboritory and across from the Oaken Library." Mundane explained. The kids smiled, but Seth still frowned.
    "Thanks uncle Mundane." Renna hugged him and walked upstairs with her friends. Mundane smiled. "Ring that bell." he whispered.
    "Why?" Seth mumbled.
    "Do it." Mundane presisted. Seth sighed but rang the bell. A petite little man with a white folding towel and a fine looking tux on rushed down the hallway, carrying several papers. The papers looked as if they burned him to the touch. Seth wondered why.
    "You rang, sir? Oh yes, I recieved these papers. Hot from the Wanded Type Writer, carefull." the small man stumbled down the remainder of the hallway, an sheepishly bowed as he met Seth's eyes.
    "Thank you, Girthy. I will jusr be needing a luggage escort to Pent house, top room, severed slip, and the steep base." Girthy seemed to understand perfectly, for he hurried to the car, slipping on ice almost the whole way. "No rush!" Mundane added. Girthy carried luggage to each room carefully, but awfully slow. Seth forgot about his uneasy feeling, and simply walked up to his room.
    The kids were done unpacking, and they all gathered in the living room. Mundane was getting ready for a big speach. No one really knew what it was about.
    "Alright, quiet down, quiet down! I'm ready for the speach, if you are. Alright, now I want you all to know that as your powers may get you a lot, they will not get you everywhere. So I need to know what you're good at. Renna?" Mundane smiled.
    "Ummm... I guess I'm pretty good at writing and drawing." It was true. She had won a first place prize in a district county children's book author slash illistarting contest.
    "Alright. I can rent you my Oaken Library. You can study the books while using the office supplies- although the may be old- to make a few books. I have leather and cloth bindings, and other things that you could use to make the books. Oh, and I don't have a computer, but I have a typewriter. You can make a small living while you go to Magic School. Seth?" Mundane smiled at him and handed the butler, Girthy, a paper with notes scrawled neatly across the faded lines.
    "Ummm... I don't know. I guess I like art." He handed Mundane a sketch of a tiny peach tree, and, if it weren't for the gray color, it would have been realistic. A large oak over looked the tiny peach sappling, and Mundane handed the picture to Girthy.
    "Alright. My laboritory is stocked with nothing but artistry and books upon books of sketches. Art supplies- although they are again old- are also included. How about you, Tyler?"