• First Attempt: “The Charming Seth Plan”

    Seth composes himself and walks over to me in the school yard when I’m doing my homework.

    “Hey Eleanor~! How are you?” Seth said, grinning while doing his signature hair flip.

    “I’m good, thinking of Edward…” I said dreamily, not looking at Seth.

    “Oh, come on. He’s just a puny fairy~! Wouldn’t you like me better?” He tried again.

    “No, Edward is hotter...” I said, looking over to stare at Fairyboy.

    “Uh.. Eleanor?” Seth said, waving a hand in front of me.

    Me: *moves over Seth to see Fairyboy*

    Seth: T.T Eleanor?

    Me: *ignores*

    “Fine! Ignore me!!!” Seth said, running away and crying to emo corner.

    “Time for plan B...” Jacob said, preparing himself.

    Attempt: Failed!

    Second Attempt: “The Jacob Guilt Trip Plan”

    Jacob comes over to my table and sits next to me. I looked up from my homework and squealed.

    “Oh, hi Jacob~! How are you?”

    “Not good...” He said, sobbing.

    “Aww, are you ok?!” I asked, worried.

    “Everybody’s been ignoring me lately.. especially you~!” He sobbed more.

    “Oh, my god! Really?!” I exclaimed.

    “I-I can’t believe you didn’t notice..!” Jacob said, crying now.

    “Aww!!! How could I be so cruel?! I’m soo sorry Jacob~! Don’t cry!” I said, holding him.

    It worked! It actually worked!!! Jacob thought in victory.

    Then, Fairyboy gets up from his table to go to the bathroom.

    “Oh my god! He’s going to the bathroom!!!” I squealed, running after Edward and leaving Jacob trampled.

    Jacob: T.T *goes to emo corner with Seth, crying*

    Attempt: Failed!

    Third Attempt: “The Raziel Brownie Plan”


    “Come on, Raziel!” Tobi said.

    “No! I will not, I repeat, NOT give you my brownies to get Eleanor’s attention!” Raziel said, protecting his lifetime supply of brownies hidden in the Teacher’s Lounge.

    “Why is it in the Teacher’s Lounge anyways?” Gabriel asked.

    “It’s big enough to hold my brownies, which you guys aren’t getting!” Raziel replied.

    “Come on!!! You have to~!” Jason said.

    “No! Mine!” Raziel whined.

    “Oh, forget it. We could never pry those brownies from him even with the jaws of life...” Jacob said.

    Attempt: Failed, before it even started!

    Fourth Attempt: “The Shirtless Jason Plan”

    After P.E. class, the boys were all in the boy’s bathroom, changing back into their uniforms. While they were changing, I tried to sneak a peek at Fairyboy while he was getting changed. The boys noticed this and put the plan into action.

    “You know what to do, Jason...” Wayne said.

    “Yup, leave it to me!” Jason said happily, taking off this shirt in front of me.

    Since Jason got in the way of Fairyboy changing, I glared at the shirtless, sweating Jason and said, “Get out of the way!!!”before I tackled him out of anger.


    Later on, Jacob, Seth and Jason are in the emo corner, sobbing because of what Eleanor did to them.

    “Eleanor didn’t like my abs~!” Jason whined.

    “She’s sooo cruel~!” Seth whined.

    “Guys, isn’t it getting a little cramped in here?” Jacob said.

    “Yeah, Charlotte’s emo corner is pretty small...”

    “I hope she doesn’t mind us using it...” Jason said.

    Then, Charlotte stomps towards the three of them.

    “What are you doing in MY emo corner?!?!?! Get! Out!!!” She said, attacking them.

    Attempt: Failed Horribly!

    After school, in their favorite café:

    “You guys are idiots, you know that?” Felicity said.

    “No!” The guys retorted.

    “If you guys knew anything about fairies, you’d know that Fairyboy is hiding his real appearance with glamour...” Scarlet said.

    “What?” Tobi said.

    “Yes, apparently his real appearance is so beautiful that Eleanor became obsessed when she saw it...” Felicity explained.

    “So, she’s just under a spell?” Jason said, hopefully.

    “That’s right.”

    “I figured out a plan to snap her out of it. I can’t have her ignore me when I’m trying to destroy her... remember, true love breaks any spell. Show Eleanor her true love...” Scarlet said.

    “That would be me!” Jason said, proudly.

    “Yeah right, you mutt. It’s me~!” Seth said.

    “Why you-!” Jason tried to say.

    “Guys! I think we all know Eleanor’s true love...” Felicity said, picking up a chubby brown cat with black stripes from her bag.

    “Ugh, Tyger...” Jason said, glaring at my fluffy, yet overprotective cat.

    Tyger the cat glared back at Jason with his yellow eyes, hissing at him.

    “Tyger!!!!” I squealed as I came in, rushing over to pick up my favorite cat in the world.

    Tyger purred in my arms, meowing cutely.

    “Aww~! Who’s a cute kitty~!” I squealed more, tickling his belly.

    “Hey Eleanor, baby~!” Edward said, coming in.

    I glared over at Fairyboy and said, “Go away, Fairyboy!”

    “See? It worked~!” Felicity said, proud of herself.

    “Why must life be so cruel~?” Fairyboy sobbed, as I went back to tickle Tyger.

    Author's note: That's it for chapter 17~! Did you guys like it? Now for infamous questions, Will Scarlet ever destroy Eleanor? Will Fairyboy find another way to win Eleanor's heart? Will Raziel ever give away his lifetime supply of brownies?!?! Please comment! Comments make Raziel give you a brownie for once! Until next time!