• Note: Holocaust theme, deepest apologies if it offends anyone.


    We were ushered onto the trains by soldiers, my sister grasping my hand tightly as we moved through the crowds. We quickly found a seat once aboard the train, sitting down and trying to think of where we would be going. Before we had left, our father had warned us they would take us somewhere far away but he had no idea how far away that might be.

    We don’t stop until we finally reach Poland, not far from the border. We stop at a seemingly prestigious train station, being ushered onto the platform and then into trucks who drove us north. When we reached our destination, the soldiers led us to various places. My sister and I were led with a large group of people to a large building.

    The soldiers announced for us to strip for a delousing process. We all obliged. Those who had stripped were led into a large dirty chamber that smelt of decay. The floor was wet so we tread carefully before we stopped at the back of the room and watched as the remainder of the crowd squeezed inside before suddenly the door slammed shut and we heard the soldiers outside locking the door securely.

    “W-What is happening? What are they doing?” My sister asked worriedly.

    “It is alright, sister, everything will be fine,” I reassured her but I didn’t believe it.

    We waited before there was a soft hissing sound. I waited in anticipation for something to happen before my sister suddenly began to choke, writhing in agony. I went to help her before I began to gag, clutching my throat as I tried to breathe, failing.

    I fall to my knees as my lungs begin to burn before everything fades to black.