• Laura woke up in a hospital bed, bandaged and incredibly sore. She blinked around blearily, listening to the heart monitor next to her. What happened? Laura raised a bumpy battered hand and hit her forehead.

    "I really have gone mad." She grumped.

    "She's awake!"
    "Shut up!"
    "Make me!"

    Some ancient language was spoken rapidly. The bickering stopped. Laura leaned forward, trying to catch more if whoever they were spoke again. The sterile hospital door opened antagonizingly slow.

    A pair of bright green, blue and purple eyes peered out at her from the darkness behind the door. Laura leaned back, pressing both hands against the wall. The eyes all blinked at the same time, tilting slightly to the same angle.

    "W-w-who are you? What are you?" Laura asked softly. If it was another ghost, she could do nothing to stop it from possessing her again.

    The soft hissing sound of laughter seemed to issue out of all three eyes. Into the room stepped a tall lanky hunched over 10 year old boy. His clothes were all made of strings. They shimmered like a rainbow. He leaned a huge pair of gold scissors. All the colors sparkled in the dim lighting. He was the one with purple eyes.

    Next, stepped a lady with the tail of a serpent and wings of a bird. His face was scarred terribly and she carried a simple metal staff. She had the bright blue eyes.

    The last to step into the room terrified Laura the most. Except for his bright green eyes and silver hair, he was completely human looking. He had a huge blade, the handle was wood with two curved blades on each end.

    All were watching her. Laura was pretty sure she was about to die.

    "You ask who we are. . ." Said the small boy softly.

    "When you already know us." Finished the lady. Laura had a difficult time believing she knew these creatures, let alone ever seen them before.

    "Now now chickies, we still have to properly introduce ourselves." The human teenager said. The lady bared her teeth at him, pushed Laura farther up the wall.

    "You just like showing off." She spat. Her voice sounded like it came from underneath water. He shrugged, ignoring her and turning to Laura.

    "I am Fate." Said the 10 year old boy.
    "I am Jealousy." Said the odd merlady.
    "And I am Death." Said the human looking teenager.

    "And we've all come to your aid." They chorused together. Laura might have fainted, woken up and found herself to believe it was all a dream.

    But, sadly, she didn't faint. Whether or not she cared to admit it, she killed 4 people. Her own sister, a man and lady she never knew and a boy she liked. Or, strictly speaking, Kyran killed 4 people.

    And all Laura could say, was,

    "What have you come to help me with?"