• tab Ania had stopped in the middle of the road, wheezing. She was out of breath again after the hours of non-stop running.
    tab “You want some water?” Trisa offered. There was no fresh water to be found though. They were lost somewhere between the dense forest and the ocean.
    tab He’s awake” Ania turned her head to look at Reyn who was lying on her back. He stirred, eyes fluttered open.
    tab “Horse!” was the first thing he said when he got up because Ania was the first thing he saw. Reyn stumbled and fell off her, hitting the hard ground. “Owww…” he groaned.
    tab “Serves you right!” Trisa growled. She went over to Reyn, pinched his earlobe, and pulled so that he could hear her great yell. “Why were you knocked out?! What in the world happened! You know what I have been through without you?!”
    tab He flinched at the tone of her voice. “He was aiming for you” was all he said and he said it seriously, clearly. Before Trisa could say anything, Reyn asks, “Where the heck are we?”
    tab “Why does it matter where we are?” Trisa was furious now. “You—” she was going to tell him that he was not worth her time, but then she remembered the needle that jutted from Reyn’s arm. It was probably traced with some liquid that puts you to sleep. Trisa thought for a moment, hesitated, and said, “Never mind that. Get up” she ordered, sounding more like her usual demanding self. “We’re going to Trell”
    tab Reyn was going to argue with her but she gave him the glare and so he obeyed. When he got on, Trisa came following behind. Once they were both ready, Ania started off on a slow jog then sped up to a gallop. Trisa used the free time to tell Reyn everything that happened while he was unconscious. She started from the dozens of horses with fighters on them. Then she talked about how she fell on the hill, trying to carry him down. And then she told him about the serpent monster, Yohnssha. She skipped the part about Ania being a monster. Reyn nodded, laughed at some parts, stayed silent for the others.
    tab Now they were fully ready to head for Trell by tonight. If they don’t, Cillia might die. It’s too bad that she already left though. They’re going to have to figure that out the hard way…

    tab They weren’t stopping. Allester had made a good distance away from Lunda and the villagers still weren’t leaving. His arms grew weary from still carrying Cillia but he didn’t complain, he didn’t let go either. The crowds would devour her. Since his plan didn’t work, he decided to try out a new tactic.
    tab Hey you, he says to Cillia.
    tab “I have—” Cillia switched to her mind, a name you know.
    tab It doesn’t matter. I’m going to borrow your power so don’t resist or else it’ll hurt.
    tab What do you need my power for? She gasped. You’re going to kill the villagers so that they would—
    tab No you idiot! His voice was harsh. I’m going to get us out of here but I’m not going to kill them. Just wait and you’ll see. He waited until Cillia calmed down and then began pulling on her energy, slowly so that it wouldn’t feel as bad. They haven’t received or given their energy to each other often so they’re not used to it yet.
    tab It feels…weird. Cillia whined. Her heart felt like it was exhaling every breath it had. It scared her so much that she thought she was going to die if Allester took any more. That’s when the urge of resisting came. Stop it! Don’t…don’t take anymore! I’m going to…to… She was going to say that she was going to die but it was an embarrassment to her pride.
    tab You don’t trust me, was Allester’s reply. He almost had enough power but it was hard to get when Cillia wouldn’t give.
    tab She didn’t know what to say anymore. She doesn’t trust him? Well, he is a monster, but she’s seen part of his memory and she saw that he was a savior. Then again, memory’s can always be fake. She doesn’t even know how they preformed the bond. Not yet, anyway. Her memory was all jumbled and full of blank spots. Cillia was ready to cloud her energy from Allester but a little part of her, a crazy part of her, told him something else. I trust you.
    tab Energy came pouring out of her and into Allester. It was so much that he went into shock. His thoughts began to question how she has so much energy. It was more than he imagined, more than what he wanted. That didn’t make him refuse to receive. So Cillia was giving him extra, it doesn’t matter. It’s actually a good thing. That’s what Allester thought till he felt the change coming. It was like last time when he took Cillia’s energy when she was unconscious. It was at the hospital in Trell. He began to change into a powerful demon, obviously looking more evil. That’s what he was going to look now if he didn’t stop her. That’s enough then louder, that’s ENOUGH!
    tab Cillia snapped out of it. The energy got cut off and her head was spinning. A really bad head ache was coming on, she could feel it. Where am I…? She asks dazedly. Everything around her seemed to blur and mix together. It was like being inside of a blender that spun clockwise. She shut her eyes, in barfing mode.
    tab “Don’t you dare” Allester says coldly. He let go of Cillia and she lost balance, falling flat on her butt.
    tab “Owww… what was—” Cillia covered her mouth, her cheeks puffed, close to puking.
    tab “Don’t even think about dumping all your waste in front of me” he warned.
    tab “I—” she gulped, “Wasn’t planning to” her eyes gazed up at him. After a couple breaths, she started to notice something. “Where are…we?” there was no one in sight and they weren’t in the forest anymore, they were in a cave! It wasn’t that dark because there was a hole in the roof and it was bringing in sunlight. “Where in the—how did we—but we where—huhhhh?”
    tab “Shut up” Allester says in a angry whisper. They got there because Allester teleported them there. To do that, it takes a lot of energy, and he had a bunch of it; because of that, he teleported them too far.
    tab “Hey, how did we get here?!” Cillia asks again. “ALLESTER!” she shouted his name because he didn’t answer. Allester looked at her and she was going to shout again but he dived and covered her mouth with his hand.
    tab “Will you just be quiet?! I don’t know where the heck we are, okay? All I know is that we’re in a cave and we shouldn’t be YELLING like this! That’s why you need to shut up and whisper or, better yet, don’t whisper at all!” there was a piece of rock crumbling from the ceiling but he didn’t notice. “Last time I was in a cave was a very long time ago. I had to be quiet or else the cave would collapse on me, and that’s why I’m telling you to not yell!”
    tab More rocks crumbled. Cillia heard a crack beneath her. “Mmmph” Allester still had his hand over her mouth so she couldn’t speak. Allester you dimwit. You are the one that needs to stop yelling!
    tab Right when he got it, the ground made a series of loud cracks and then it gave in. Allester and Cillia yelled as they fell deeper and deeper down the cave. The hole was dark and there was no light like the top. It was cold, and who knows what lived there.