• On a stormy October night, my niece and myself were walking down the street. Suddenly, my niece blasted, “Look!” and when I turned my back I saw a zombie behind me! “Run for it!” I yelled! So we ran for about half an hour until we came up on another zombie! Luckily I learned how to use guns and I happen to have my pistol. So I shot the invading zombies until there were no more.
    “I think that was all of them,” I said. My niece replied, ”No, look!” And we both saw zombies-thousands of them! And I almost ran out of ammo. So we dashed to the gun shop to refill our ammo and the shopkeeper gave us free 50-bullet ammo packs.
    “Now we can fight them!” I said. So with my gun, I killed the invading zombies. Then I bombed the source so they wont get out.
    The people of the town were very thankful of defeating and stopping the zombie invasion. Now peace came back to their town and no more zombies invaded.