• It was a sunny afternoon the sky was light blue with white fluffy clouds painting the sky. The smell of fresh cut grass filled the air with a hint of pine from the trees around the town. Its a Monday yes that means a school day is taking place at Ron Dae school of Awesomeness. We close up to a window where we see a 10th grade English class taking place and we see a teacher in his mid twentys he is dressed in a suit and tie. We hear mister Colley the english teacher talking about a field trip lets listen in shall we?

    Mister Colley walks up to the front of the class and starts to talk to the 10th graders who all appear to be sixteen “Attention class we will be taking a field trip to the local jail” Mister Colley said with his upbeat voice. The students all whined then one light haired boy stood up “Man Mister C why would we want to go see those monsters?” Steve asked the teacher and sat back down. Mister Colley walked up to Steve the students all turned to see what was going on Colley started to talk to the boy “Well Steve what if it was your big brother in jail? How would you feel with people calling your brother a monster?” he asked the boy as he walked back to the front of the class. The class went quiet then a red headed girl asked something “When is the trip Mister C ?” the red head asked triwling a piece of hair around her finger. Mister Colley smiled at the class “Today right now” he said as the students looked at each other “get your things together and get on the bus” Mister Colley said as the students where doing what he said.

    Fade out and then fade back in at the students entering the bus and there is about ten teens the look of boredom fell on their faces. Close up on Steve who is still in deep thought from the teachers qustion then you see the red head Kate taking a seat behind him. We scan the rows as if were making sure all of them are there.

    The students arrive at the entrance as the bus stops the students get off and they all get put in two groups of fives. Mister Colley started calling out the names of the students that where in his group “Kate, Steve, Alice, Mike and Josh” he called as the students approached him slowly. Alice is the quiet and most shy of the class she has short brown hair and bright blue eyes and is normal height for her age. Kate is loud and talkive and she has green eyes and long red hair she is a little heavy set then Alice and she isnt afaid to tell you how she feels. Mike is one of the trouble makers the other two are Steve and Josh. Josh and Mike are twins they look alike but Josh has brown eyes while Mike has one brown and one blue eye they are both in good physical shape mentally not so much.

    As Mister Colley’s group enters the prison they first go to get checked to make sure they dont have anything that would be a threat. After everyone went though Mike went though and the medal detection it beeped and the guards searched him they found a knife on him you see Kate and Josh shaking their heads as the guards take the knife “man we told you to ditch the knife before we left school” Josh said to Mike as he walked back to the group. Poor Alice got stuck with the most troublesome group she just stayed quiet Steve was still in deep thought. Mister Colley approached Mike and placed a hand on Mikes shoulder “maybe you should listen to your friends next time” he said with a chuckle as they walked to the jail cell area.

    The inmates where outside so the students would be safe as they walked around the jail cells of course Josh and Mike was joking about how the other was going to get in jail one day. Kate just shook her head and looked at Steve “hey Steve your quiet whats wrong with you boy?” she asked as he just shurrged “nothing” Steve said quietly. Mister Colley looked at Alice as her eye wondered around the room she was falling behind “come on Miss Alice” Mister Colley said “its time to go see a real life case” he said with a smile.