• Ok, so this is a story about a girl who has lost her memory, because she was caught in the crossfire of a gunfight, and a bullet hit her car's gas tank. Now she doesn't know who she is or anything about her past. She has one friend who knows everything about her, but now she has to find that friend, who is halfway across the world by now, to find out her past. Will she be able to finally uncover her past?

    That’s all she remembered.
    She could remember nothing beyond or before the explosion. Who was she? Where was she? Why was she here? Her back pained her with her every move.
    She inhaled deeply, and coughed as burnt air stung her lungs. She reached for a phone near her, but she did not know what for. She tried to sit up, but her back cried out in pain. She winced and fell back with a soft 'thump' and another protest from her back. Her car was still flaming beside her.