• Chapter 45
    Serenity blew the black curly ribbons out of her eyes. She tapped the eraser of her pencil on the table. She felt like lucky that she was able to return to school, but this was hard. The homework she had been given was simple, simple to the average child. But to her there was no real answer to the question. What is your family like?
    The only answer she really had was dead (not counting her witch of a mother of whom she didn’t count as family.) She would have to be cunning. Serenity, being a Host (though she was starting to prefer the word Guardian), was supposed to have speed, strength, health, and beauty.
    She didn’t have any of those, except possibly beauty considering how many times she had been told that she looked like an angel. But there was one thing good she got from Mizuki. She was very, very cunning. She figured that she would lie and say her family was still alive. And bring a picture to prove it. Where was that picture Edan never let her see?
    She dug through the drawer, too small to see what she was groping for. She grabbed on to the folded, crumpled piece of paper. She held it tight in her small hands before unfolding it carefully. She let out a gasp, aghast by what she saw.
    It was an average picture of herself, her brother, father, and even her mother. But that wasn’t what shocked her. It was the other boy in the picture. He looked slightly like Edan, but younger.
    “Mizuki? Who is this?” She pointed at the unknown boy.
    That’s Keenan Serenity. Do you not remember him? Mizuki was confused by the girl’s question.
    “No,” she breathed, “who’s Keenan?”
    Well, Mizuki stopped herself, maybe its best you don’t know. If you had forgotten it was probably meant to stay that way. Mizuki knew why Serenity had forgotten, and it was defiantly meant to stay that way. It was going to hurt Serenity, but not as much as the truth would. It was best she didn’t know, it was best that she never knew. Why don’t you continue on your homework?
    Serenity crumpled up the photo and threw it across the room as she printed carefully on the lines.
    Dead. My Dad and Brother are dead. My Mom does not care. She hates me. I have no family.

    Chapter 46
    Watching Suffering
    “Serenity will you please read what you wrote to the class,” her teacher asked with her kind hearted voice.
    “No I-I don’t want to,” Serenity muttered heavily.
    “She probably lives with zombies or vampires!” shouted the little coffee-haired boy. “I mean look at the way she dresses,” he was referring to the little crimson red dress that flew just above her knees, “she looks like she belongs in a horror movie holding a knife.” Serenity just felt happy that she didn’t wear the cloak to school, knowing that it would scare her classmates even more than she had already done.
    “That’s enough Darren, leave Serenity alone,” the teacher said sternly. “Serenity please read, you have such a pretty voice.”
    Serenity stood up, the paper shaking in her hands. “Dead. My Dad and Brother are dead. My Mom does not care. She hates me. I have no family.” Tears were running down her cherubic face.
    “That’s probably because you live with vampires and zombies! She probably even drinks blood too!”
    Serenity stood up, not caring that her eyes were shifting to the dangerous dark purple. If there was one thing she hated it was creatures that fed of another’s blood, that took pleasure in killing, and she refused to be called one.
    Serenity relax before you use the gift! Mizuki warned, but Serenity didn’t heed her warning.
    The boy covered his ears and started to scream. “Get out of my head! Get out of my head you monster! Get out of my head!” But she refused, watching him suffer somehow felt good just for that moment. The pain in his eyes, his voice, his screams, it all felt good. Serenity smirked, it all felt too good.
    Serenity! Stop it now! Mizuki cried, but once again Serenity refused to listen. Mizuki had no other choice. She had to take control of the girl’s body. It was hard to break down the wall that the girl had set up, but she broke through. Serenity was trapped in the prison while Mizuki took her body and made it run. Run far away from the boy who was suffering.
    “What were you thinking Serenity?” she huffed.
    I was thinking that it felt good, watching someone suffer instead of me. Seeing pain flow through their veins. Witnessing someone die inside.
    “Serenity if you think like that then you’re no different from the Netherworld. And you know what the Netherworld does.”
    If Serenity had control of her eyes they would have widen immensely. I am a monster. I do more harm than good. I am no different than the Netherworld.
    “You are not a monster; monsters don’t realize it when they have done wrong.” Mizuki gradually gave Serenity back her body. Serenity got up and started to run.
    Where are you going?
    “Away. I can’t dare be near this place.” It was the place where she used the gift for bad. It was the place for watching suffering.

    Bonus Material

    DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!! THE REALLY REALLY REEEEALLY BIG SECRET is not going to be revealed until later.....
    But the fun thing is you already know it if you were able to fill in the blanks of bonus convos if not you still know half of it!!!! you know they main plot but not the gory details
    To find out pay attention to
    1.) Hai's dream
    2.) chapter 9 with Serenity
    3.) When Hai and Cana talk about the strange dream with the dagger

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