• When the wolf had only small luck in his surch for food, he went back to his den. The moment he opened the front door he could smell the soapy and outdoor-sie smelling floor. He growled at it and looked around for the rabbit.
    The rabbit's head popped out from the kitchen. "Why were you out there for so long?"
    The wolf glared at him. "Shut up and cook this." He said throwing the crow at the rabbits feet.
    The rabbit didn't jump away from the dead animal, he just looked down at it in pity. 'Poor thing. I'm sorry he's not eating me instead of you.' He thought.
    The wolf sat down on the couch and sighed, feeling tired. "Did you get those spices or whatever?"
    The rabbit nodded and picked up the bird. "Y-yeah..."
    The wolf smirked, smelling the bunnies sorrow for the bird. "You better hurry and cut that thing up. I'm too hungry to wait just for you. In fact," He stood up and looked down at the rabbit, "if you don't hurry up I won't take you home, I'll just kick you out the door and have you starve to death." He said smiling wickedly.
    The rabbit nodded, his stomach tightening. "Okay."
    It was obvious that the rabbit was worried, but the wolf wasn't sure if he was afraid for his life, or that he won't ever be able to go home again. This was frustrating for the wolf. He glared at him, his smile disappearing. "Well!? Get on it!" He boomed.
    The rabbit 'got on it'. Running into the kitchen and putting the dead bird down on the table.
    The wolf followed him in, watching as the rabbit filled up a large pot with water and started to boil it on the wood burning stove. 'What is he doing? Is he going to drown the bird? Idiot, it's already dead.' The wolf thinks.
    The rabbit was actually cooking the bird the right way. He was going to boil the bird so the feathers would come off the skin easier. 'Okay. I can do this.' He thinks confidently.
    The wolf watched as the rabbit cooked the bird, realizing that he was just an easier, and cleaner, way to skin all the feathers off the bird, and then the rabbit took out a large pan, putting it aside on the counter. He had a few spices layed out near the skined bird, the rabbit picked a few up, mixing them up in his hand and then sprinkling it on the birds skin, getting the breasts mainly. He then put the bird down on the pan and popped it in the oven. The wolf blinked. "Why are you burning it? You aren't wasting my hard earned food again, are you?" The wolf asked, his eyes darting at the rabbit.
    The bunny whiped sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand and smirked. "No. And I wasn't waisting it, it was rotten for the last time. You would have gotten sick if you ate it. So, stop whining." He said as a smile pread across his pink lips.
    The wolf took this as a threat somehow and growled at him. "What did you say?"
    The rabbit didn't understand the sudden sour taste in the wolves voice. "I said, 'So, stop whining'."
    The wolf growled. "I wasn't whining. I just don't like people throwing away my things that I worked hard for."
    The rabbit finally understood. The wolf was just throwing a tantrum because the rabbit threw his rotten meat away, that's all. The rabbit sighed. "But I'm cooking you something better, and not rotten, so doesn't it make up for the wasted rotten meat?"
    The wolf looked away from the rabbit, thinking about it for a small and short second. "Hmm... No." He glared at the rabbit. "Not even close. I want you to cook me three more meals, and I'll forget about the lost meat. If you don't cook for me I'll kick you out, or if it's gross I'm going to kick you out. Got it?"
    The rabbit swallowed and nodded. "Y-yeah... But, how long will I have to be here, then? Since there isn't much food around here." He rabbit asks forwardly.
    The wolf shrugged, smiling wickedly again. "I don't know. A month maybe, but that's if there really isn't any food walking around."
    The rabbit felt his stomach tighten at 'any food walking around' and at how long he was going to have to stay way from his family now. "Oh..."
    The wolf grined. "Is that a problem for you, fuzz ball?"
    The rabbit hesitated, but shook his head. "No. I guess not." He said, lying only a little.
    The wolf glared at him, having not heard the answer he wanted to. "Fine, make it five weeks."
    The rabbit blinked. "Uh... Okay." The rabbit was sort of starting to not care about being unable to go home for so long because the wolf was entertaining him with his sudden mood changes and how much of a dunce he can be at times.
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