• Chapter 53
    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock
    The world is a clock
    One hour
    See me cower
    Two hours
    Time and all its powers
    Three hours passing by
    Hear me scream and cry
    Four are done
    Time has won
    Tick Tock
    The world is just a clock

    I was afraid the dire poem would go on forever. Fear repeating its ill-omened words.
    “Miss are you ok?”
    Fear grabbed hold of me and began to sing mockingly in my head, He is going to die! It’s your entire fault! You murderous little girl! He is going to die! It’s your entire fault! You murderous little girl! Edan is going to die and it’s your fault!
    “It’s not my fault! Leave me alone!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “It’s not my fault! I’m not murderous!” But yet fear continued to sing. Sing louder and louder.
    “Miss I think you need some fresh air,” one of the guards said as warmly as possible (for a blood-sucking monster) helping me up. He led me down a large narrow hall aligned with columns that flew to the ceiling. Stained-glass windows were shattered about the floor. The one best in shape was that of St. Uriel instructing Noah what God said to do before the flood.
    Then said the Most High and Great One spake, and sent Uriel to the son of Lamech, and said to him: “and tell him in my name ‘Hide thyself!’ and reveal to him the end that is approaching………”
    The end that is approaching. The end is surely approaching, but where was my angel. Uriel had stood up for humans. Who was standing up for me? Death was. But Death is the last person you want standing up for you.
    One of the guards grabbed onto my forearm pulling through a large door. The cool breeze tugged on my arms and hair and licked my cheeks. He let go of my arm as my curiosity got the better of me, leading me though the courtyard garden. Black roses splattered across the petrified trees and hazy mist. Black dying roses.
    I sat down anxiously on the white chipped bench hugging my knees Fear chanting a new song. It’s all your fault and you’re just sitting here! You can’t do anything about it little murderer girl! You can’t do anything! Nothing! Murder Girl! Murder Girl! Murder Girl!
    “I’m not a murder girl,” I half sobbed quietly. “I’m not.”
    Then do something about it.
    Fear is what gets people thinking. ‘How can I overcome this?’ Fear strikes you what only the great are granted, courage.
    “What can I do though, I’m only human.”
    Wasn’t it humans who did some of the greatest things in history? I should know I was pushing them along.
    I muttered heavily, “But still what can I do?”
    What all those people did, fight, take a stand. Come on Murder Girl, what are you going to do about it Murder Girl?
    “Fight. Take a stand. What have I got to lose?”
    Your friends, family, life, the boy you love so desperately with all your heart.
    I sighed deeply, “Thanks for the support.”
    Just pushing you along Murder Girl.
    I planted my feet firmly on the ground and began to wander deeper into the lifeless dead garden. I took off my shoes and stowed them away going over all the precautions in my head. Vampires have a keen sense of hearing and scent. Taking of my shoes will create less noise. I dug into my pocket, finding a small bottle of sample perfume. Covering up my scent will keep me hidden. I sprayed the scented water across myself until the smell caused me to be dizzy and light-headed. I ran out of the garden as fast as I could, without falling unconscious.
    I reached the front of the execution house of a castle and opened the door. I leaned up wearily against the wall, sliding down it. I didn’t know fast I could run or even that I could run fast. Though my head was spinning I sprayed more perfume on myself in order to replace whatever I might have lost in the wind. I closed my eyes, holding on to my wavering breath.
    Better run Murder Girl. Tick Tock Tick Tock. The end is drawing nearer. Fear chimed in my ears.
    “Right,” I breathed trying to push myself off the ground.
    Come on if you don’t hurry you might die too! I forced myself up weakly darting down the hall. Tick Tock Tick Tock. Listen to me mock. Tick Tock Tick Tock.
    “The decision has been made,” I felt my heart stop as the words radiated from the door in front of me.
    “Oh no,” I said with all hope gone. Hope pulled directly from my aching soul.
    Better go see if the name suits you, huh Murder Girl?
    “It can’t, it just can’t!” I screeched with tears overflowing my obviously pale face and red stained chocolate eyes. “It can’t!” I shoved open the door with all the strength I had left. Please no! Please God No! I thought over and over until I was positive that my words were ringing through God’s hears as well as mine.
    I fell to the ground sobbing heavily, still managing to choke out the words over and over.
    “Edan Kellan you are sentenced to death.”
    Fear chanted one last time.
    Hickory Dickory Dock
    Listen to me mock
    Hear your cry
    He is going to die
    Hickory Dickory Tick Tock

    Bonus Material
    I was seriously up till 2 am writing this!!!!! I really hope you all like it because it took a lot of determination and it burned burning_eyes
    I would like to dedicate this to Rainbow Donkey Princess who inspired me a lot while I wrote this