• “Jaclyn look at this! I can’t believe the school’s doing a production of The Lion King!”
    The dream had been so real; the boy’s eyes were the color of the ocean, his lips as soft as satin. “I can show you the answers.” His outstretched hand was inviting it pulled me in. I had the sensation of falling…
    “Jaclyn are you even listening to me? Jaclyn!” Nina’s eyes were sharp and annoyance lit up the edges of her keen stare. “Earth to Jaclyn, can you even hear what I’m saying?”
    ‘I’m sorry Nina,” I looked at the flyer that only a second ago had made Nina so excited, The Lion King, cool, I was always into the arts. “…I didn’t get much sleep last night, bad dreams.”
    Nina hooked her arm in mine and with a smile we made our way down the hall. With her other hand Nina produced her class schedule. “Erg… I’ve got Trig first period.” I laughed, although she pretended to hate all things school, Nina was a math wiz. I was the only person in the world who knew just how much she really cared about her grades and collage. I pulled my schedule from my back pocket using both hands to unfold it, English first period, Algebra II: second, Advanced Spanish, Chem.,… Suddenly I was on the floor, “Hey, watch were your go-ing…” My sentence faded into oblivion, because at that moment I’d decided to look up. Those green eyes, the guy from my dream! But it’s like totally impossible right! I heard about this one lady who had a dream about her husband before she even met him, a bunch of psycho garage, right? This was impossible it couldn’t be him, my brain was still running a mile a minute, he was reaching down I was only barely aware that I had extended my hand letting him help me to my feet. How? This is like so not real!
    “Are you ok?” He was talking. He’d asked me a question, what was I supposed to say! He had a six-pack; I could tell this guy worked out.
    “Thanks, she’s fine. We’re just gonna go, now.” Thank God for Nina! She waited till dream invader guy was out of sight, “Jaclyn what was that! You just stood there with your mouth hanging open, it was like you saw a ghost or something.”
    “That guy he was in my nightmare, but I don’t know him it’s not possible…” My brain was still out of commission, I just couldn’t put the two facts together it just wasn’t logical.
    “Ok, calm down. Are you sure he was the guy in your dream?” Her clear and honest brown eyes seemed to look into me. I’d meet her the week before second grade when she moved into the house next door. One morning she came bounding up my sidewalk, I had my chalk spread everywhere. I’ve always had a thing for drawing although now I like to call it sketching I think it makes me sound more grown up or something. She’d just plopped down stuck her face in mine and said. “Can I draw, too?” I laughed so hard, and of course I let her join me. We spent that whole day together, just drawing and talking. We talked about the funniest things. I swear we could hold a conversation about pudding if we wanted to.
    I realized I had been smiling like an idiot. Wow, major brain fade. I shook my head yes, I think it was the only thing I could do I didn’t think I could trust myself with words yet. That’s when the bell rang, just my luck.