• Chapter 4
    "KATIE,"screamed Rosy!"What happened,"Michelle said as she came out of the water."Katie's been kidnapped",said Rosy in a panic."What do we do",Michelle asked."I don't know",Rosy said."What happened",Squire asked,"I could hear you from the stables"."Katie has been kidnapped",Rosy said."What",Squire said in shock. "What do we do",asked Rosy and Michelle."You go tell the queen",Squire told them,"ok"."Ok",said Rosy and Michelle."Good now which way did she go",Squire asked."That way",said Rosy pointing down a path."Thank you",Squire said,"Now I'm going to go get the horse ready for the knights".Then Squire ran off towards the stables.
    "Were am I"said Katie just waking up from a slumber."Your in my castle"said a voice."Who are you,"Katie asked looking around nervously."Oh you'll fined out soon enough my princess",said the voice," DRAGON!"A giant shadow move across the walls and out of the darkness came a huge dragon.It had green scales,golden horns,and large red wings."Gaurd her make sure no one gets past you",said the voice.
    Chapter 5
    Katie looked around the room as she was tied to the post.The dragon had fallen a sleep.Katie looked at the dragon then some thing cot her eye,it was a chain on the dragons neck.'Hmm...he isn't free',she thought. Then there was a loud noise,and the clanging of swords. "What's that ,"she said.The dragon woke up and looked like it was ready of attack.The door swung open a knight in shining armer came in."Back",he said to the dragon,the dragon lowered it's head and when back to sleep.He cut the ropes and Katie was freed from the post.He grabbed her hand,"come with me".
    They ran out of the room,down a long hall,and in to a thrown room.The door was on the other side of the room,but there was some thing in the way.It was a knight in black armer."You want to leave you have to get throw me",the dark knight said. "Fine",said the other knight drawing his sword.The two knights charged at each other.Their swords clanged together.The dark knight push down harder on the blade,but the good knight pulled back causing the dark knight to fall forward.He got up and swung his sword again the good knight blocked."Give up all reedy",said the dark knight pushing on the blade again."Never", said the good knight ask he pushed back.The dark knight swung at the good knight's side and missed.The good knight swung and nocked the sword out of the dark knight's hands and pushed his foe to the ground,"you haven beat me yet".He ran over grabbed Katie's hand,"come on",he said as they ran out the door.His horse was right out side.He helped Katie on then jumped on him self.The horse started to run.It's white fur blowing in the wind as they raced back to the castle.
    It was night time when they got back to the castle. The knight got off his horse to help Katie down. "Thank you dear knight",Katie said as she got off the horse."Your well come your highness",said the knight. The sun started to come up."I must go",said the knight.Katie smiled and said thanks again.Then the knight rode off and Katie went to the castle to tell her mother about her adventure.