• Chapter one
    It begins

    "Come on ash we are gonna be late and you know how Ms. arianna gets when her students are late." said ashleys bestie Chrystal. "Ok ok im coming its just that my math text is stuck in my locker again" (ashley has a habbit of getting her stuff stuck) "if you help me i bet it would come out." They pulled for a couple minutes and finally it came out but they fell on ther asses and started to laugh a little. "Ok now that u got ur text and ur binder and ur pencil case can we please go?" asks Chrystal "yes now we may go christie." They skipped down the hall and when they reached their classroom door there was an anouncment that said "attention attention this is not a joke i repeat this is not a joke ther is a shooter in the school everybody remain calm we are going into a lockdown i repeat we are going into a lockdown." Chrystal and Ashley looked at eachother and ran toward the nearest bathroom but it was locked the ran to another bathroom but it was locked to they heard footsteps and ran and ducked into the elevator room, they locked the door behind them and followed the hallway that led to the elevator and stayed ther for a while then they heard footsteps. They hid in the farthest corner but when the person walking came into view it just turned out to be one of their guy friends, they were relived to see that Mark was alright. They asked him "Mark what are you doing here you should be in class?" Mark answered them with "well i was in the bathroom and i heard the anouncment and knowing you i knew perfectly well that you wern't in class so i went around looking for you but don't worry i didn't see that shooter anywere" but right after Mark said "shooter" the door opened at the end of the hallway and they stayed still and quiet...........nothing happened after a few minutes but then suddenly somebody came around the corner and wouldn't you know it it was Ashleys crush and really good friend Chase. Chase said "oh thank goodness your all safe i knew that ash was here i just knew it" and Mark said "ya followed me didn't ya" "well you can't nesecairly call it following as being stealth and walking around." They all laughed and Ashley blushed and got up to go and hug him, but then the door opened again and they heard "Clink....Clink.....Clink......Clink......Clink" and as the noise got closer they pushed the button to the elevator and when it dinged the "Clink...Clink..Clink." got faster and faster and they all rushed into the elevator but the elevator is really small so they were all smooshed up against either the wall or somebody. Mark pressd a random number and the doors closed but befor they did Ashley caught a glimpse of the shooter and gasped at what she saw. It was her father Michaele.