• Chapter 71: Possible
    “Good morning,” I yawned dropping my bag on the ground and sitting on a flimsy plastic blue chair. I was lucky; I had a normal dream that night, just black. “What are you guys talking about?” I said looking up at Cana, Maureen, Drea, and Jerri who were all sitting down casually.
    “We’re talking about Homecoming,” Cana smiled letting the side ponytail of wheat brush against her face. “And Drea is planning for us to go dress shopping on Saturday. The dance is on the 20th.”
    Drea nodded and pulled a folded list from her backpack and opened it pointing at the first black line. “I got the list of Spirit week days. We got the week off from uniforms and good riddance for that!”
    “Lemme see that list,” Jerri said quickly taking the list. “Ok so on Monday its Red Light Green Light day. Tuesday is Sports Fan day. On Wednesday we wear our class t-shirts. Thursday we wear class colors and on Friday we just wear whatever. Wow we have one creative school.” She rolled her brown eyes and gave the list back to Drea.
    “What’s red light green light day?” Cana said fiddling the wheat she called hair twisting it around her fingers.
    “If you have a date to the dance you wear red if you don’t you wear green,” Maureen said gently giving her fingers a quick tap on the table as she spoke.
    “So for an example,” Drea said flattening her palms on the table before motioning to me, “Hai will be wearing red and the rest of us will sadly be wearing green. But if we’re lucky we might be changing into red!”
    “Thanks for putting me out there Drea,” I muttered rolling a pair of chocolate eyes. I pulled on my lifeless hair intertwining my fingers in it. “But anyway dress shopping fun and all but I don’t really have the money for a fancy dress.” I didn’t have enough money for anything really. Only two-hundred dollars for an emergency, but that wouldn’t help me much if I needed medical attention but that wouldn’t happen.
    “We aren’t doing anything big just a few places around campus is all,” Cana said picking her bag up off the floor.
    “Sounds great,” I slugged my bag over my shoulder, “if you don’t mind I’ve got to go to the library and get some stuff I’ll catch you later.” I turned around before I could catch a reaction from anyone and headed down the chattering aisle between tables pulling on the sleeves of my white uniform shirt and the fabric of the red tie.

    My Converse shoes scrapped the waxed floors as I made my way through a for once empty and quiet hallway. I followed my eyes across the numbered classrooms and up the stairs. I couldn’t help but to think the quiet was a bit uncomfortable though I was one who enjoyed the feeling of being alone at certain points.
    I held open the door with my foot digging into my bag groping for my wallet feeling the other objects I couldn’t quite identify with my hand. I pulled out the textured object and put my foot down slipping through the shutting bulky wood door. I pulled my ID out of the front slip and held it tightly with my wallet in my hand. Sinking into the first seat of computers I quickly swiped the card that showed the picture of me flashing a fake half smile.
    After pulling up the internet I got straight to work and typed in a few words in the search box- Angels. I needed answers. Did angels really posses these people? Was it even possible? But mostly, was there really such a thing as a Host?
    Scrolling down blinding white screens I continually found nothing. It appeared that this wasn’t possible. Only demons could posses- not angels. Nothing so pure could control someone, angels being equal to man. It just wasn’t possible.
    Till I stumbled upon this“,‘Praise ye Him, all His angels: praise ye Him, all His hosts . . . for He spoke and they were made. He commanded and they were created’ (Psalm 148:2-5; Colossians 1:16-17).”
    All His angels… all His hosts, the words rang through my mind. That could just maybe be proof that they are real. And realer than we think?
    And again “, ‘Are they not all ministering spirits, sent to minister to them who shall receive the inheritance of salvation?’ (Hebrews 1:14).” I pulled out a notebook and scribbled down on the lines everything I could possibly think of. Each soul has its own guardian angel. Much like the Guardians of Hosts.
    Nothing was truly making sense, were these nine people real or not? Are they really angles or demons? Are they even close to human? I shut the notebook shoving it in my bag and walked out the door hoping to make it out of the book filled shelves before the bell rang for class.
    “Ō, wǒ de shàngdì! Nǐ hàipà bǎ wǒ de shēngmìng!” I shouted in Chinese as I felt Edan pull on the back of my arm stopping me in my tracks.
    I pulled his hand off my arm and turned around, “It’s Chinese. I said ‘Oh my God! You scared the life out of me!’ Now will you stop sneaking up on me?”
    “Sorry,” he breathed, “I didn’t know you spoke Chinese.”
    “Shì de, wǒ zuò, Yes I do. Are we done with this now?” I tugged on my backpacks strap and continued to walk down the hall.
    Edan started to follow behind me, “Wau, Watashi wa Nippon no baai wa shitte iru hanashi.” I looked up at him with confusion. He laughed and continued, “I speak Japanese. It’s like a Host thing; you speak the native language of your country.”
    “So like you all come from different countries or something?”
    “Exactly five countries, Germany, France, Greece, India, Africa, China, and Japan.”
    “Well that’s interesting,” I said walking faster as the bell rang soon being crowded by people flooding from all directions.
    “You seem pissed off, is everything ok? And don’t lie to me.”
    I sighed and stopped again turning around to face him, “I’m just having a hard time believing this Host stuff is true. I mean it’s nowhere in the Bible. How can you prove this is real? Because I really can’t believe it.”
    “Well to start it’s nowhere in the Bible because humans aren’t supposed to know. But truthfully I don’t know how to answer that.”
    “Well then I’ll give you time to think because I don’t want to be tardy,” before I could turn to leave Edan had given me a quick kiss. “Hey no public displays of affection,” I breathed taken aback for a moment before I started walking scuffing my black Converse shoes on the white and blue tiled floor. I opened the door to the room and shut it behind me taking a seat next to Cana.
    “Hey did you find everything you needed in the library?”
    I pulled the strap off my shoulder letting my bag hit the floor, “Not yet.” I let out a barely noticeable sigh, “This is kind of random but do you think it’s possible for an angel to like posses a human?”
    She bit the inside of her cheek for a moment and moved her foggy eyes away from me for a moment before smiling, “I think it’s possible.”

    Ok so I'm going to give this a shot and post some pics on here for your entertainment.

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    Ok so Highschool started for us on Aug 16th and it was sooo funny at lunch because we all started ranting about Japanese guys and I was like "Lets face it Rainbow everyone loves angry Japanese guys." And Panthress said "Because they smell like enchiladas!!!!" And that turned into a whole bunch of yelling. But then on Aug 19 Rainbow and I both decided that in 2011 we will get the sex change and become guys. Then she will kill me in April but then 2 months later she while die while I watch laughing my head off. But then she will bother me internally. (Yup thats what I want to do with my life..... and personally I just might really do it I if could)