• A cry echoed through the ruins of Delos. For the first time since the birth of the great twins Apollo and Artemis a child was born on the earth of this magical island. The mother held the child with all the love and worry of a god. A single tear slipped from the woman's eyes as she carried her only child to the shoreline. There waited a small boat shaped as a cradle of sorts. From the surrounding seas came a man with stormy eyes. His heart was heavy as he took sight of the woman and the child. At the sight of the man the woman grasped the child tighter to her breasts.

    "For the child I take her from you, this you know." The man spoke with sharp but oddly gentle tone. "With you almost forgotten among the people and my brother wanting to keep it as is she is in great danger on Delos."

    A cry broke out again, so loud that all but one set of eyes turned to the direction of the lonely Island. The mother coed her child to silence and kissed the babe's forehead.

    A storm had begun to churn the seas and the man became restless as he watched the last born god leave the arms of the last free titan. The babe now lie in the boat watching the man with stormy grey eyes, the eyes of his own seas. "Asteria, she will be great."

    "Leave me Poseidon. I wish to be in my ruin." With that the woman's form dispersed and became no more than air around the island. Poseidon took hold of the front of the boat and pulled the child into his waters, bringing her to her new life.