• "Melissa? is that really you?" I suddenly stop walking. i know that voice. a thousand memories rush back to me. a thousand facts i know about him do too. he likes brown eyes, he loves writing, he's an amazing author, he doesn't like being lonely, he has a dog named yoshi, he hates people who smoke, he likes the mid-evil era, his nickname from me was fluffy, he's not the skinniest person around, he's really nice and super sweet, his middle name is Daniel, he hates it when his last name is mis-pronounced, he's a strong Christian, he's afraid of the dark, and he can change in a millisecond. i keep on remembering; things like blue fireworks, libraries, july 4, better together, august 1, MDD, princess Abigail, and king Daniel. "Melissa?" I don't dare to turn around. my heart sinks inside my stomach and there's this awful thing in my throat keeping me from speaking. i start to shake when he touches my shoulder. "It's me," he says, "Tyler." he pauses. ""do you remember me?" how could i not remember him? i don't even remember life before his name. i open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out. "Tyler Daniel Edlin. you called me fluffy, remember?" oh i remember. he feels me shaking and touches my chin, but i do not look into his eyes. i couldnt stand that. i couldnt look into his eyes and see the long-gone hope, love, and sadness in those deep drown eyes. "You can talk you know." I manage a smile, "Hello there...my knight." I dont look at him, i only keep looking forward. i dont even know what hes wearing. "My majesty," he replies gloriously, "i've missed you." my throat clogs when he says that, but i keep smiling. "I've....i've missed you too.." i didn't know those simple words would hurt so much... "i'm sorry... i never mean to-" he stops half way into the sentence, "to hurt you..." i find it hard to breathe, but i still manage that smile. "but you have no idea how much you did." he sighs deeply and takes my hand in his and whispers in my ear. his lips are so close they just barely touch my ear and i get the goosebumps. i can feel his breath on my neck. "i'm so sorry. but i thought it would be better for you. i thought i wouldnt hurt you if i left you, because i hurt you when i was with you." i shake uncontrollably and look him in the eyes. he's changed. "you left me for Amanda. you left me because you wanted to be happy." i look him up and down. hes wearing jeans and a shirt i've never seen before. she probably bought it for him. "but thats okay t-bone," i use one of his other nicknames, "because i know you never cared. i was ready to catch you when you fell. i was ready to help you fly. but its okay you werent ready for me. its over. 'everything good must come to an end,' right?" he hugs me. hes warm and fluffy. but i dont hug back. i smile at him, even though im on the brim of tears, and walk away. i left him hanging on every word. i left him as broken as he left me.

    and i honestly dont care anymore.