• Cut
    Chapter I- The End?
    Don't cry over someone,
    That won't cry over you,
    No guy is worth your tears,
    When you find the one,
    That is he won't make you cry,
    If you really love something,
    Set it free...

    'Run and never look back,' I kept repeting to myself as I ran for his house. I soon was able to get to his house. A small clinic that was mostly it. As I come to the door I could feel the ground shake and the loud roar peircing the silence that hung in the air. I soon felt a hand go around my body pinning my arms against my body. It was dark out so I couldn't see well but all that I saw in that darkness was a white mask with markings on it. It loet out what sounded like a laugh and went to kill me with its teeth like bones. I tried to let a scream escape from my lips but mu throat closed on me. 'Aki!' I heard a familulare voice scream out my same. I turned my head as much as I could to see him. Orange hair covering a little bit of his brown eyes. He was in his Shinigami form and his Zanpaku-to was drawn. Of course being the idiot that I am. I had let mey guard down and I felt a sharp pain rip through my right side. I let out a scream as teh thing removed its 'teeth' from my side. 'Ichigo,' I whispered softly as he attacked the thing killing it almost instantly. As the thing let me go and disinigrated he caught me and gently placed me on the concreat cradalling my head in his lap. 'Thanks,' I manage to croak out as Rukia came over with Orihime to heal me. 'Damit. Don't die on me Aki,' Ichigo said closing his eyes. I felt something drip onto my face. Soon more came but slowly one by one driped. Relization came to me that he was crying for me. 'Strawberry,' I said weekly and lifted a hand to his face as he open his eyes. H e placed one of his hands over mine as I tried to sit up. Ichigo helps me a little as I start to tilt my head and twist my body a little. He soon caught on and tilted his the opposite way and we both started to close our eyes. I felt his lips press against mine. They wee so soft and warm against my now becoming cold lips. Like all things must end so did the kiss. As I started to pull away, Ichigo wouldn't let me. He wrapped his arms aground my waist but was careful not to hurt me. He deepend the kiss by forcing his tongue into my mouth. I bannished all thoughts about ending the kiss when he did this. I brought my arms up and wrapped them around his neck and played with his hair a little. He plulled away since the need of oxygen was founded. 'You were my first kiss,' I whispered to him as I rested my head on his chest. 'Yeah same here,' he whispered back. 'To bad it will be my last,' I replied as I started to cough up more blood than what I already lost. Well, I did loose more than half of my blood before I coughted up more. 'I love you Ichigo,' were my last words as I started to get really sleepy and started to close my eyes. I could hear Ichigo calling my name but it was becoming fainter and fainter. Then I couldn't hear, feel, or see anyting but darkness.