• I couldn't believe it. My mother and father lay on the floor, both obviously dead. Blood was all across the floor. It was almost like a carpet. Then I realized something that also made me sick to my stomach. My sister, Sara was also on the floor. Her head had been shaved, as well as her face and eyebrows. Her hair was strewn across the floor, almost like it had been designed to be like that.
    Time was ticking fast. I was vomiting from the monstrosity. I couldn't help but gag and cry at the same time. When I eventually composed myself, I ran downstairs so I could use the phone, but to my horror, the phone had been smashed on the floor. "But", I thought to myself, "The phone wasn't like that when I came in..." That's when it struck me. I wasn't alone. Whoever the sick b*****d who killed my family was, he/ she / it / they etc was still in the house. As I contemplated the recent events, I noticed the pieces of the phone were arranged into a small, round smiley face. How sick. I rummaged through my school bag, in hope of finding my phone. Eventually, I found it in my pocket. As I turned on my HTC, it froze on the home screen. It said it required a password. What? I never entered a password? As I fumbled across the keyboard, in hope of finding the 3 digit code, I , quite unfortunately, found it. "666". How original. Whoever did this, was definitely some serious weirdo. I entered the emergency services phone number and quite swiftly got through.
    "Hello, how may I help you?" The woman over the phone asked.
    " I need help. Please! My address is 3-"
    My phone flew out of my hand, smashed against the wall and I was again doomed. As I quickly turned, I saw a cloaked figure jumping across the garden fence. As I ran into the garden, I saw the person hurdle over the many garden fences and head for the old mines. I could do only one thing. I grabbed my anorak, my torch and I sprinted after him, in the now very rainy, dark gloomy evening. As I said: How original.