• I can't breathe. He's staring at me and I. Can't. Breathe. Why is he doing this to me?
    "......Ma'am, i....sorry.." its obvious he's talking to me, but I can barely register what he's saying. His mouth pulls down in a frown when he notices I'm not listening, can't listen.
    I can feel my throat constrict and my chest begins to burn. I can still feel the heat of
    dying flames behind me, consuming everything i've worked so hard to earn. We've worked so hard to earn. But its no longer there, and neither is he. How could he? He was just here, with me.
    The worried fireman leaned towards me and put a soot covered hand on my equally sooty shoulder."Miss or you alright?" he asked evenly.
    No I'm not alright, god I'm not alright because now I can't get his face out my mind and it seems like I'm in that burning building again! I can hear his ragged voice telling me to keep going, that he's right behind me. I panicked slightly because the smoke is to thick, the flames to hot, and his voice to far away.But I hear the desperate tone of his voice ,as smooth as silk, telling me, promising me, that he's right behind me. I shake my head wildly and turn to head back to him when he yells desperately " You trust me don't you? Then go! If you trust me like you always say you do then damn it, GO!"
    I want to go back for him but then a fireman smashes through the door. " Miss! I need to get you out of here!" he grasps my arm and tries to direct me to him but I resist. He's still in there! He not out yet, I yell over the roaring flames, but the worried man shakes his head. " My partner is coming! He'll get him out, now please we got to go!"
    I wanted to stay, I needed to stay but.....the smoke was to thick.....the flames were to hot....
    I hurriedly followed the man through the maze that use to be my home, our home, and collapse on the cold, wet ground. Chaos is literally all around me. I notice,distractedly, all the firemen rushing around our home to contain the flames, neighbors staring curiously, safely in their little yards.
    My throat burns from all the smoke I knew I inhaled,and I can't stop coughing. Two medics help me up and try to led me to an ambulance, but I swat away there prying fingers and stagger my way over to my burning home. He should be here by now.....where is he...
    Suddenly I hear crackling and men swarm out of the dying house, some supporting others and others just flat out running. The creaking turns to snapping and soon the whole house comes collapsing. The roof soon falls inward and my mind is screaming that something isn't right, that somethings wrong. I turn slowly, taking in the sight around me. He said he was right behind me.....he...he promised...
    I spin wildly around, looking for his figure, needing for him to be here, anywhere! And now I can't breathe and this...this man is speaking to me and I can't hear a word. He reaches for me again, trying to comfort me but I rip away from him." No. No no No No NOO!" Its like that's my favorite word now,because I can't stop saying it, over and over again.
    All this memories, all our memories, suddenly flash before me and they hurt, they hurt. I can clearly see his charming smile, his contagious laugh, his salty tears, and I can still hear his hollow promise echoing in my ears. More and more people start to surround me, trying to stop me from yelling but I can't! I just cant!
    I can feel myself hyperventilating but I can't stop. These people are to close, there pity in their eyes are too much! I.. I can't take!
    I take off in to a sprint, voices calling out to me, but I can't stop, won't stop, because everything is suddenly so real, so true, so cruel. I tumble over a curb and suddenly find my self face first in somebody's cold,wet yard. I claw wildly at my hair to calm my self down but its hard, its too damn hard. I can dimly hear the foots steps of the people who followed me but I don't care. How could I? He's dead.....He's ******** dead and I didn't save him, I didn't ******** save him, and now I'm alone, so alone.
    I feel another hand touch my shoulder and I let out a crazed shriek. "Don't touch me! He promised! So don't touch me!" I lash out and kick at the person behind me, satisfied that I felt flesh collide with my foot I continued to claw away from them. Suddenly two arms flipped me on my back and I saw two medics coming towards me. I screeched, thrashed and clawed at the hands restraining me but they didn't let up. Next thing I know, I feel a syringe stab into the skin of my arm and everything feels....different. I look up, confused, and see the pitying faces of the people around me. Black dots begin swimming around my vision and I gave out a weak,bitter chuckle.I can still see his bright smile and I slowly close my eyes. Its dark here,too dark, but.....it doesn't hurt so much here. I can still here those two words ringing in my ears. I promise......