• Episode 2estiny meets
    After searching for massive amount of days which turned into weeks, then months, to many years, Savieras heart begain to get weary, but there was not a single place to lay herself down. She wandered to an abandoned region with howling crows and dark auras. The worlds air was polluted and the water was contaminated aswell. Things walking on two legs have very strong aura's but seem to be unaware of how much spiritual pain they cause upon themselves. Saviera could hear their spirits crying out, but they cannot hear them, their eyes and ears are blocked by their greed in the world. They apparently sealed their spirits away. Saviera never seen such torment to the soul it made her spiritual fire spill tears from the inside. Gasping throughout the world with the horrid sounds of bones creeking and mournful cries out loud Saviera stumbles upon a very unusual creature Called "Nero" Nero was not like the other aura's it was dark and full of corruption, She detected that he was indeed a demon. This made Saviera chaotic, When Saveira noticed he had nothing to do with the stealing of the spirit Crystal she begain to learn something. In the midst of their conversation two other demons appeared. This land must have been crawling with them however, A new "thing" was equipped into her spirit. No matter how dark or corrupted one's spirit was it was still a spirit non'the'less. And does not deserve to be judged beforehand. At least not by her. HOWEVER, they were a demon non the less, Her foreshadowing techniques begain to gradually improve spending time with the Toxic Demon As it explained that he did not mean any harm. She was going to need a hostage demon, and considered him remain with her whether he liked it or not. Leaping upon his aircraft, the other two followed. Desdemona and Assaultch.