• On a rainy night, a taxi driver picked up a girl standing next to the pond. '' take me to fill street'' said the girl.'' Understood'' replied the driver. The girl was completely silent during the ride. They arrive in front of a house, the girl asked the driver can he wait here while she go get the taxi fare. ''Um....sure''the driver said.After exiting the taxi, she didnt come out of the house quite some time.The driver got out of his taxi and knocked on the door of the house.
    A woman came out and asked '' yes''? '' I droved a young lady to this house just now. she said she went to get the taxi fare but hasn't come out yet.'' answered the driver. The women replied '' nobody matching that description lives here''. ''But i watched her enter this house,she wore a white dress and had a flowery scarf''he said.'' T-T--Thats my daughter'' she said nervously,'' thats what she was wearing on the day she died''! Her daughter died last year, after the taxi she was riding in drove into the pond.The driver was disturbed by this fact and quickly return to his taxi, but...........the taxi instantly filled with water and the girl said
    ''Take me back to the pond''.

    THE END.