• Takeo Imai:

    Gender- Male

    Age- 17

    Birthday- January 22

    Likes- Ordinary school life, relaxation, and ramen.

    Dislikes- His chaotic other life, being bullied by Yuki, and danger in general.

    Appearance- An average youthful appearance. Black disheveled hair, medium length. Brown eyes. A lean, but average body build. He usually wears his black school uniform, a set of casual clothes that focuses on simplicity and normalcy, or his work attire; a white dress shirt with a black vest and tie, a pair of black formal pants and shoes, and a brown trench coat worn from use. Though he doesn't like to, he often carries a Beretta 92FS on his person in case of "work related" emergencies.

    Bio- Takeo Imai is an average seeming high school student as well as a servant of the Koyonagi household and Yuki's childhood friend; although his "friend" had a frequent habit of bullying Takeo and tormenting him. His childhood is haunted by the traumas of dealing with both Yuki's various torments and his sister's brutal "training." He wishes for nothing more than to live an ordinary life, but is often dragged into the dangerous workings of the Underworld due to his servitude to the Koyanagi family and Yuki specifically. He is designated as one of her two personal servants and bodyguards, alongside the recently acquired and contracted Daiki Nagamine. He is, however, considered unreliable by many as a "jack of all trades, master of none" unless he is put under serious pressure. He also possesses a split personality due to a forbidden drug circulating through both his and his sister's blood, called the Pride Stigma. His concentration of the Stigma is higher than his sister's, but more volatile and harder to control; thus he cannot activate it willingly unless he is put into a near death situation. Once awakened, his eyes turn crimson and his face becomes a cold mask of cruel and heartless indifference; he often uses a katana or blade of some kind to cut anyone down who stands in his way and both his physical and mental capabilities drastically increase. He hates this form, but realizes it is sometimes necessary in order to properly protect those he cares about; like Yuki and his sister, Kimiko. Like Yuki, he keeps his involvement in the Underworld and his association with the Koyonagi family secret from ordinary people. He has almost an obsession with finding delicious ramen to eat during his free time.