• Four Years Later:

    The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans filled the air of The Purple Potion. The lavender walls stood sturdy and clean, complementing the white tables and chairs. Various plants hung around the shop, overflowing in their pots as they continued to bloom.

    Luna pulled the blinds on the large glass windows of the shop. Light began to shine in, the store wakening. She made her through the maze of tables to the lavender display case. Her eyes checked over each pastry, looking for any error or imperfection. Satisfied, Luna made her way to Harlow, who began to stock their lavender coffee mugs.
    The pair worked side by side, stocking coffee mugs on the various white shelves they had arranged behind their counter.

    Each woman went about their morning routine in silence, readying the shop for their customers. The pair rarely spoke in the mornings, reserving one of their fonder memories with a moment of silence.

    Luna could remember her mother rising early every day to make breakfast for her daughter. After she had made the table and woken Luna, she would head downstairs to the shop, starting her morning. Luna would always join her, helping her mother as much as she could before Harlow picked her up for school.

    However, since her mother had passed, Luna dropped out of school in her senior year. Shortly after, she assumed her position as owner, taking over The Purple Potion. Harlow, having already graduated, put her own dreams on hold to help Luna. The two lived together above the shop, running it alone.

    “We still have to run to the store later,” Luna reminded Harlow, taking a seat next to her.

    "No way we are selling through our specials that fast," Harlow groaned, adjusting her brown contact lenses.

    "Sorry love, you know we're a popular spot," Luna shrugged.

    The two began to run through a list of the ingredients they would need to pick up at the end of their day. They finished with ease, heading back behind the counter. Luna turned to their menu, ready to create a list of names for today’s specials coffee.

    They had to be clever in how they named their drinks. They chose to make each name into a pun, hinting at the special add-ins Luna and Harlow had brewed. For instance, one had been named Procaffeinating. Drinking this iced coffee gave the temporary ability to focus and get hours of work done. Another had been Déjà Brew, allowing the person to remember an important task they had forgotten.

    Using this method allowed the shop to prosper in peace, without the Council catching on. Aiding humans by magical means is illegal. If anyone related to or working with The Council found out what the shop's "special add-ins" is, they would be shut down. Not only that, Luna and Harlow would receive a curse. This would, in turn, strip them of their magical abilities forever with no way to undo it.

    Luna had been reminded of this fate constantly by her mother. For someone who had been hell-bent on staying hidden, she sure did go out of her way to break the rules.

    "You okay over there?" Harlow asked from across the room. Her back remaining turned to Luna as she attempted to pull her long, blonde hair into a bun.

    Luna nodded stashing away any future thoughts of her mother. Hoping down from the chalkboard. Luna made her way to the front of the store, flipping the closed sign to open, ready to drown herself in the day that lay ahead.

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