• Around... I'd say half a billion years ago insects ruled the world. As we know insects are very small. But thats because they've adapted to their enviroment and to protect themselves. They were once up to 4ft tall. Can you imagine a cockroach 4ft tall right beside you?

    In the water there was types of inscets i cant explain. There was a serial killer i say about 6ft long. A new species i'd say. They'd cahse after other insects by grabing them with these teticle things. They had a round jaw, next to the stomache. Since we at that time were eel like ceatures, with no defense and almost nothing to help us catch our prey, we had to find a way to defend ourselves. We had no scales as defense, no teeth and we were the smallest insect on the planet at that time.

    What we'd do was bury our selves completely in the sand but keep our head out or a lookout. It helped but it wasn't enough. We still were found and we were on the verge of extinction. The only things we did eat was deceased bodies. We were scavengers.

    A new form of creature twice the length of the serial killer that was 6ft long was the prehistoric squid. 12ft. long this thing dominated the sea. As we know squids are still living but this squid is diffrent that the new types. The way they hunt at catch their prey is the same as they do still. With a long jaw that snatches the insects, and its enormusly huge body it was the king of the ocean.

    Almost every living thing almost died 1 day. That's when the ice age struck. With the freezing water killing insects, the food chain fell and species were starting to go extinct. We were lucky though. Since we were scavengers back then, we'd fead on their deceased bodies.

    I think it was 40% of the insects- not jsut us- lived. That is a small emount. Our world back then was dark and cooled. INsects ruled the Earth.

    How we live to see this day is unexplained. Will we ever find the answer to the question on how we lived? We might never not.