• You can see that the world today is full of surprises. And I'm not talking about those colorful gift-wrapped boxes that you get out of nowhere. Surprise as in you'll never know what's lurking around the corner. Everyone experiences hard, painful, and difficult times. And most would just want to quit life. But, instead of just quitting life, why not escape it instead? At night, when I lay my head on my pillow, I'm on my great escape to "Dreamland".

    First of all, why I love to dream is because when I'm in "Dreamland" I don't have to face those cruel times I've experienced. Instead of those dark memories such as the family fights, police cars on my front lawn, etc. I can dream about those events that kept me smiling. I could dream about the class sleepover I had a few weeks ago, or my junior high graduation, or even the first day I met my best friend. Because in dreamland, nothing is impossible.

    Another reason why I love going off to "Dreamland" is because I can be whoever I wanna be. Off course for everyone, there's about one or two or even more things they don't like about themselves. That's in the real world. But when I'm in "Dreamland" I can be Superman, fighting crime all across the country. I could be a FBI agent, shooting down a known *****. I can be a cafeteria lady for all I care, serving disgusting old food to lousy kids. Heck, I can be a new chipmunk, joining the Alvin and the Chipmunks gang. That's because in "Dreamland", anything is possible.

    Lastly, I love going off to "Dreamland" because I can go on an adventure money can't buy. Why should I be stuck on an old stuffy couch watching reruns of "I Love Lucy" when I can be in "Dreamland". A captain of my own ship. A brave explorer in the midst of the Amazon forest. I can even be a knight in shining armor in the medieval times, fighting off some old hotheaded dragon. That's because in "Dreamland" nothing is impossible.

    Sure, it's not a permanent escape. But hey, it's an escape I can have every night, right here on my bed. I don't even have to pay for airfare.

    Always remember, anything is possible in "Dreamland.”

    Why I Love To Dream.
    By: Glen Florendo