• Alice, dear Alice,
    how it must be weird for you,
    to lay all day, locked away,
    with only your memories true.

    Your dreams turn dark as you fall then stand,
    in a place called Wonderland.
    The Cheshire-cat greets you,
    with his new evil grin.

    You look around stunned to see,
    that the place you used to know,
    has changed all suddenly.

    On your way to defeating the queen,
    You find weapons to protect you from this wicked being.
    As you travel in this new land,
    your sanity holds by only one single strand.

    Be careful on your way,
    but listen you players of this nasty game,
    to what I have to say,
    “Trust no one. And you won’t be the same.”

    ~*~ MegN ~*~ © 2004