• 1/8/08 the most haunting diary entry in my notebook 1/8/08 the day you raped my soul 1/8/08 the day you said you'll rape if you had to. That day my soul died on the insides the day my soul got drentched in more malice,sorrows and pain. Dont think i forgave you dont think i'll forgive you dont think i'll let you live this down anymore. Get your damn hands off me. 1/8/08 the day where i suddenly got raped me while i was staring up at the baby blue sky.1/8/08 The day i fell down to ground battering the ground because of your evil rapeing hands the day my saneity left me even more. Dont think i fell for your whining vantrilquisting voice saying you'll rape me if you have to. I hope you burn in hell with satan getting burned by flames. I wanna die i wanna cut my flesh to see the glistening red dripping blood i wanna make the pain go away both emotionally and physically even when your not there it feels as if your hands are still there. My veins seem to be non stop trembling i haven't been able to eat for
    days i feel dizzy,trembling outta my saneity you made me an insane creature tonight im probaly gonna get another post traumatic stress disorder flash back and nt even be able to sleep. The day comes where i tell you deny it all and they beleve your evil soul over my soul.
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