• I fell for you
    At my first glance
    But no matter my attempts
    I could not advance
    For I knew this love
    Stood not a chance
    Against the judgmental wilderness

    I wish that you would talk to me
    To make this somewhat easy
    But I must start all conversations
    And with my great stupidity
    I don’t choose my words carefully
    And say things not meant to say

    And finally I go
    To ask with all my soul
    If you will be mine
    For all of time
    And what you do surprises me

    You put your finger to my lips and say,
    “I could not wait another day
    To wait for you come and say
    That I will love you anyway
    Be you straight
    Or be you gay.”

    And then in mid-view
    Of every judgmental shrew
    I notice your lips come toward me
    And my heart beats hastily

    Your loving kiss
    Your humoresque
    Your warm embrace
    In a gentle mist
    These are things
    That I will miss
    For I can no longer see your face
    Nor feel your embrace
    For on my desk
    Is a certificate
    For your death.