Well, I started this day as normal, except that I ain't in good mode since yesterday I didn't have pancakes for breakfast as usual, if I don't I am in a bad mood the whole month evil
I woke up and turned on the boiler so I could take a shower and prepare to go to church; when I got inside the bathroom and started to take a shower the water became all cold and I was all frightened, then it became hot and I got burned, after it changed many times the temperature, I finished taking the shower and get changed, I realized my sister was using the bathroom too and my mom washing the plates.
As I was in a bad mood I decided to pinch m brothers nose while he was asleep, the reply weren't exactly as I expected and I started a fight with my brother, when I didn't realized, the whole family was already fighting for one or another reason and we get to church at half an hour to begin the service.
As we started preparing the things for service I got burned with the coffeemaker, the result, well, free coricos, its like a mexican cookie that tastes pretty good ^.^
The rest of the day I played Tales of Symphonia and then Smash, after that I ate carne asada, what make me get into a good mood, and we saw the movie enchanted, it was very nice, but the ending weren't what I expected.