Well you see, each firstday of the first week of a month, I will place a few noble words that I've heard before and might be of help someday, maybe, or just some words I just make to cheer up my friends when they need to, so lets get start it before I forgot, some of you may know I have relatively long and short memory problems XD
"Being valiant doesn't mean to not to fear anything or anybody, means to fight your own fears"
So, this supose to mean, that if you're afraid but you fight your fears makes you a real valiant, its different being valiant than dumb:
Example, theres a Lion in a zoo right?
"Someone fell onto the lions cage and its about being attacked, you go and try to help hm as lure, fighting the lion or something else and call for help"
"You see some lions in the cage and you beth you can be an hour inside without getting scared"
Guess you can imagine wich one is valiant and wich one is dumb, but being dumb sometimes is cool in funny, so its okay XD
This words are basedd in some previous experiences gathered with the sage words that parents and frfiends frequently use "Fight your fears"
Its basicly the idea but expresses more and make you you cheer up, so lets place a big smile and think on this for a while, it may help you sometimes ;P