Well, lets see where to begin this story about?
Yes, yes, I know I'm supposed to be ready when I'm writing a journal entry, but unfortunately I have a memory problem, some of you might maybe have noticed.
Well, let us dance, well, we already danced, so lets us begun, unless sure, you really want to dance ^.^.
Everything was a normal day and I felt so happy, and the second hour The Lion Dancer called us to the Arts room to reorganize our acts and those stuff, so we get there and realized she was training other guys too, so we was like yay! But.. The Lion Dancer noticed our happiness and called us to go inside of the room ((yes, she called the first time but no one entered, not even her, but she then make us get in)) And started to talk about what was going to happen today in night (( A few hours ago))
And we begun to dance the whole day and after that, he told us "The festival starts at 6 : 00 okay? So I want you guys here at 4 : 30" We all were concerned about this, specially me, because its like my parents pick me up at 3 : 30 and then we go almost to the airport, the CETYS campus Mexicali to pick up my brother and that takes like half an hour, and its an hour back to home after picking my brother, so would be reaching home exactly 4 : 30, then I need to eat and take a shower, so its like umm I would be at 5 : 45 or something like that, so it was a big trouble, after a lot of discussion I finally convinced my parents to pick me up earlier and got into a lot of troubles, after this I was picked up, I ate, take a shower, wait more time until parents go back to home, go to school and finally reaching at 4 : 15 al that only for the teacher to arrive at 5 : 00 o.o
Well after like 4 hours and a halve I danced and at the end of the dance I called for my mom to dance with us and we all danced! The food suck!, The drinks were warm, everything was a mess up, but our numbers make the difference between a celebration and a burial, thanks to our spartan team!: the Dance Group!, The Musician Melody, The Merry Singers, The Little Dancers, The Arts group, The Theater & Musical Staff and everyone else! except te teachers excluding The Lion Dancer! So, finally our efforts have been gathered for one single blow! And we'll dance again this 12 XD