Well, ever since that I stopped updating this journal, is for one certain and only reason, Dance!
You see, I have been practicing at the same very day that classes started, because a freak idea of The Lion Dancer (Thats how we call our art professor).
She got the idea of us training from that very day for one single purpose, a very noble one indeed, Mother's day! A fun fact of mothers day: A Lady I don't remember her name, lost her mother, she passed out, so in her honor, she called the government, pissing them off until they accepted to honor that day commemorating the mothers dead as it was called "Mother's Day". A few months or years after, the lady get harsh of making it looking like a way to sell roses and chocolates and to make publicity and that kind of stuff, she decided to cancel the "Mother's Day" But it was late, it was already gaining fame and it was impossible to stop that.
Anyways, turning back to the story, we started practicing and practicing, and as if it wasn't disturbing already the way she call us, this weeks she have taken out from classes by force methods and uncivilized barbarian actions with the other professors, she doesn't intimidate us only hehe.
And as that have been happening she started to become more anxious and more strict, all tough it was for a good purpose, but she already have been using the brooms stick to smack our foots by the only reason I forgot to tap 4 times with one and 7 with the other at the same time we make exactly 3 spins and one "U" turn making us use some sort of boots called "Botines" those things make you slided when you got faster and strip with slower, its like using those female shoes that makes you grow like 4 inches and a half. But as if it weren't already that hard, she incremented the amount of speed pauses and spins, also she bought a new whip, the other one I "accidentally" bitted it until it asseverated the conjunctures of the whip, so she did buy one of full leather, tough is cool and its very well done, it can turn you into shreds due to her own personal preference designs, I still cant believe she got such a great picky ability.
We call her "The Lion Dancer" because she acts like a lion trainer; Instead saying "Jump Simba" She says "Jump at the same time the others Azua, Hey you, yes you, Israel your going to quick for the others even tough your doing the right speed for the music, but this ain't a horse race, slower, slower, now Scream!, No Shout! now for the end give a roar and at the end of it you must make your mother be proud of you with the final roar! This is a stamp freaking sweet, I don't care if this 6 dances a n entrance and a final salute coordination program, you guys must keep it up! Keep the spirit like if you were men! You too girls, just by the fact of being girls doesn't mean you don't need to act like a real men! (O.o I'm thinking the same) You guys are impossible, it seems you have crap on your brain, and that shouts and roars ain't enough, you seem like being screaming of horror, even the huitlacuichle would run (she says is the devil itself, but I tough it was Chamuco)"
Ironically, she's the only one that have been able to keep stabilized the kids in my school razz so I have been confusing because she also coordinates other 4 groups, so she sometimes confuse the steps as well she confuses us and we got shredded like the ninja turtles he he, thats quite fun tough.