Well, you surely wonder what the hell am I trying to say? Well, if you're pretty open minded you should know that the mothers day is freaking near! *Watches to both sides* Yeah, its coming with silent but deathly steps, you could sense it at th quickly insane roses prices in a few days, exactly, everything is going to sold out as insane as the price is, but its a good effort with a noble purpose as I've said before, they brought you to this world with pain, yes you! You don't come from the aliens or the flying stork came and left you, but I wonder what happens with the Stork in the end? Would parents eat it to replenish energy o.o" And what happens with stork chicks, the same stork brings them or is it an alligator o.O* The world will never know!;
Getting back to where we start it, The Lion Dancer make us dance until our foots bleed, literaly, I can still feel the blood flowing from my veins to the outside, anyways, the mothers festival is tomorrow at 6 : 30 but I will be before so I can practice, My feet still hurts TT.TT, I used a "botin" that was 1 inch and a half smaller than my feet to dance! Don't ask about how about my feet enter inside of that thing, its painful memories, lets just say The Lion Dancer knows many different ways to fit everything inside of a bag, and that she used a for and some kleenex with cocacola, thats all she need it 0.0, the result, I ended up with an ampule, not so big, but enough big to cover my entire little finger, and it explode at the same time! TT.TT hurts a lot, but its or you mom, I loves you! The guy who said that love hurts was damn right! And about the one who said "Love is painless once it started never knew about the "botines" nor The Lion Dancer! Though "Love is painful but pleasuring, it fears nothing and its the strongest power on earth" is right as well.
This dance is made fully by love an coordination from The Lion Dancer, and us dancing of course, then again, I shall use shoes because the owner of the "botines" I used reclaimed them back GOD BLESSES THAT GUY! TUT SO HAPPY I COULD CRY! Its a shame I don't XP, So I wait for you guy the next time I update this, and remember kids, Love is surely fine at the beginning and the end but between them, its... I'm speechless, how to describe it, its even worse than a pain in the A**, though this don't apply with the Love relationship like having a Boyfriend or Girlfriend he he. C ya!