Hello there fellas! you know? I left the dance group since last summer, I can't recall if I did tell you that
Well, let me tell you that if I haven't after the Dancy Dance of Doom I performed one last dance, it was pretty fun, but I had some internal problems, and also familiar ones too, so I had to abandon it for good, thought I already wished to do so from time before Dancy Dance of Doom due to those issues.
Well, back to this, I just kept on going until the final dance to show I kept my word. However, I told them I would never come to the dance group. Today, they asked me repeatedly for me to join them, I refused, then they said only for today, since they had to dance in a theater and one of the guys in the dance group wouldn't been able to make it. Since I didn't had anything against my fellow companions, I told them I'd ask for permission, thought I was sure they wouldn't even think it twicely to say no after those issues.
I had a huge trouble being able to make it just before 4:00 ready to practice with the group since the performance started at 6:00; it was an epic fail, I waited for them til 5:15 just to see the guy I was supposed to replace did actually come, and did nothing until 8:00 but to sit and not even watch, just sit doing nothing.
I feel so awkward, all the troubles I passed through to help my supposedly friends ended up getting worse and with nothing good coming from it.