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Stuff from my heeead..
Here's where I'll be taking things that come into my head and putting them in words on this here site for people to see.
There's really no ONE subject to this journal
Hmm. . . I went to bed last night at around 8:30 or 9. Obviously I was really tired. And I can't imagine why. I didn't do anything today (or yesterday I guess. . .) but a few chores. So here I am at 1:30am wondering what I'm doing. Why not write a journal?!
I was having a dream about colorguard. It's kind of funny because every time I have a dream about colorguard, it's of me telling off Alexa. Yeah, I'm pathetic. It gives more meaning to the phrase "In your dreams" because that's something I'm not capable of doing in real life. I felt the need to tell you this simply because I'm trying to think of something to write about in my journal to pass the time. Time I should be using to sleep. But that's not important.
Y'want to know what I read last night? If not, too bad. You decided to read my journal so you get to read about my boring life. I was reading a book by Ellen Degeneres called "My point... and I do have one". It's actually kind of funny. But, hello?, it's Ellen Degeneres. *shrugs* I think she's funny.
I am currentleh watching Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End. Watching and only watching because I have the sound turned down. Not because I'm afraid of waking people up. . . actually, it's because I can't focus on my meaningless journal unless it's quiet.
Hey, I found something else pathetic to tell you about me! I just found out that it's really hard to express myself through writing unless I'm able to put some sort of smiley or. . . what's it called? . . . "internet lingo" I guess? Normally I would've said "omg" "lol" or "wtf" by now. I could've put in a few of = / these, too but for some reason I was trying not to. Would you take someone more seriously if they didn't put smilies and stuff in their writing? Probably. I would. I don't need you to take me serious, because this isn't a serious journal. It's just. . . a waste of everyone's valuable time. Probably more of your valuable time than mine because right now, I'm thinking that I don't consider any time of mine valuable. I don't know why. That probably doesn't even make sense to you but it makes sense in my mind. (Could you imagine if that worked for everything? You get an F on a test and tell the teacher "Well it made sense in my mind." . . . . Funny. I'd use it.)
Back to smilies: Why are all types of "emoticons" called smilies? Looking over at this side bar that is full of them i'd say less than half of them are actually smiling or laughing. There's blushing, bawling, shouting, more "emo" crying, some devil one, a ninja one, some burning eyes one, a pirate one and all the stupid random ones like the drama llama one or the cheese and wine.
Johnny Depp just licked a rock. . .
. . .
Now the rock and it's rock friends are helping Johnny Depp move a ship. . .
If you haven't seen At World's End, I'd say it's an alright movie if you're like me and have time to kill (your valuable time that is). I fell asleep when I saw this in theaters. Oh and you have to have seen the first two movies to understand this one. And I'm thinking a little Greek mythology too but I'm not sure. I own the first two movies and I still didn't understand this one. Of course, it could've been because I was asleep half of the movie. . . or because I'm not excactly a very bright person. Not in my eyes anyway.
I have this sore on the very tip of my tongue that has been bugging the hell out of me for about 2 days but it feels like forever. I hate those. For some reason I bite on them thinking that I can bite them off and everything will be fine and dandy. Nope. It just makes it hurt more. Don't try it. Is it a coinsidence that my friend has one of these sores right now, too? Are they contageous? Not that there's any way she could've gotten it unless we used the same tooth brush or. . . I made out with her in my sleep. No no no. She'd be making out with me. Hell, I'm the one asleep! If anything, she gave this damn thing to me. I should go mess with here while she's asleep. Put her hand in cold water so she pees her pants. Or is it supposed to be warm water? I don't know. I've never tried it. Does that even work? I'm not going to bother finding out. Too much effort. I'm sure I could find the answer on the internet though. Everything is on the internet! . . . . . Yeah. Exciting, eh? . . .
Eh? Ehte? Ate? Mate? How would you combine "eh" and "mate" (for those of you who live on the boarder of Canada and Austrailia)? Wow for a second, I forgot how to spell Canada. I was trying "Canida" and wodered why it was wrong. (But I sounded it out!!) Anyway, I know how "eh" and "mate" would sound together, it's just I don't know how in the world you'd spell it. That's what I was trying to do back there with the "ehte" and the "ate", by the way. I'm sure someone will get it. I bet they'll laugh. Maybe they're laughing right now. . . Maybe they're not even going to read this long, pointless journal because it's a waste of their valuable time.
Are you supposed to capitalize Earth when you use it in a sentence? I always thought you did but some people don't. (Just in case you're wondering, which I'm sure you're not, I'm not reading something about the earth in another page, it just came to me randomly.) Are you supposed to capitalize it when you say something like "We live on planet Earth," and not when you say something like "We must save the earth," ? There's Earth. . . then there's the earth. Is THE such an important word that the name of our planet doesn't even need to be capitalized anymore? Maybe I'm wrong all together and I'm just making a huge idiot of myself. That'd be funny wouldn't it? Wouldn't be the first time either.
Well, I'm pretty curious to see how long this journal has gotten. I'd be sad if it didn't look very long because I've been working on it for 45 minutes. (Wow, 45 minutes talking to myself about nothing.) I think if you actually get this far, you should leave me a comment because it keeps me from thinking nobody listens to me. . . . *sniffles*
Oh look a new topic!
Why do people use that? "*sniffles*" and stuff? I use it all the time because. . . I don't know. To let the reader feel like they're actually here listening to me being pathetic! Yay! It's kinda funny if you read them out loud in a monotone voice. "Nobody listens to me sniffles." "Gasp we should do something fun." "Bounces I'm really excited." "Inss inss inss inss dances." By the way, those are only funny if you read them in your head with a monotonuous (or monotonic. . . I looked it up. *hides head in shame*) voice. Yes, I did just use one of those because that's the topic of this. . . paragraph. Chunk, actually. Paragraphs are organized. This is a chunk of my pointless journal. I just indent them to show where a new chunk starts. But didn't you feel like you were there watching me hiding my head? I do hide my whole head by the way. Others hide their face behind their hands when they're embarassed, I hide my whole head. I'm just so incredibly ashamed that I feel the need to hide my entire head. Including my hair because it's just too much if someone were to see it. . . . Now if you didn't read that in a sarcastic tone, I'm sure you didn't understand why I was saying it. It's a little Dane Cook-ish if you ask me. He always seems to justify his actions when he's doing his comedy stuff. That's what I like about him because sometimes that turns out better than the joke itself. . . . not exactly a compliment but. . . that's just what I think. I guess it could be a compliment because I'm still saying he's funny. Doesn't matter because I'm pretty positive that Dane Cook isn't going to read my journal. Although, that'd be kind of funny. . . Dane Cook is just funny like that. (<-- Compliment)
I sort of made a closure a while ago but then started writing another chunk, now I think I'm going to attempt to close off my journal. Let's see. . . . I got nothin'. Thanks for reading? . . . No. I don't care if you read my journal or not. But obviously if you're reading this, you either wasted your time (valuable time) reading the whole thing or you skipped to the end (which would be really lame of you. . . there's just no point). I don't feel the need to say goodbye because nobody is leaving. I'm just gonna end it. Like a bad relationship. "It's over! *slams door* "

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Through My Lens
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Feb 22, 2009 @ 10:35am
Holy s**t that's long!! Took me an hour to write!! O.o

I bet there's alot of mistakes too. I dun't care!!!

Yes, dun't care. . . It makes sense for those of you that have seen me use "dun". XP

commentCommented on: Sun Feb 22, 2009 @ 08:36pm
....wow! That....was.....long!

Nice journal, it really made me laugh!

I love being random. I should write a random one soon! lol.

Community Member
Ninja Nise
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Feb 22, 2009 @ 08:38pm
Whooo! Niseh made it through the journal entry! X3

Anywho, I didn't think it was a waste of time. I thought it was pretty complex and thought provoking. See, you wax philosophical all the time, but you either choose to ignore it, or you're completely unaware.

I like readin' yer stuffs. It's pretty funny.

Sooo...... seeing as how Nise has nothing else to add to this reply......... she's just gonna go now.


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