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  • Artist Info: Salut! Je m'appelle Caroline. Yes indeed, I speak French. A bare minimum that is. (I take French in school.) Anyways, so yes, I'm Caroline. Some basics about me. Uh, I'm this old : ... . That's right, I'm old enough so stop bugging me about my age. I. Am. Asian. And proud of it! Most of the times...I know that most of you probably just clicked the little back button, and the other half are reading on with either interest, or caution. Anyways, I don't really care all that much. I enjoy life and what not, it's fun. I'm a great student! I made high honor role on the last term! Happy! Anyways, schools out, so I really shouldn't be talking about this stuff. Okay, I'm an avid roleplayer, and I think I'm pretty advanced. I also enjoy animals, art, and photography. I play the violin, and I also train in tennis and volleyball. I do not red or write fluent Chinese, although I can speak and understand it just fine. Favorite bands is Flyleaf, Augustana, One Republic, Life House, Shinedown, and Paramore. I like a variety of music. Right now, I probably won't be on as much as last year, because I'm studying a bit more over the Summer now. And yes. So, in conclusion, in conclusion is a terrible way to end an essay or writing piece. Teachers always say it's an okay way, NO. It is not, I think it's absolutely terrible. <br />
    <br />
    "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"
    <br />
    -the Mad Hatter
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