• Chapter 1. The first week….

    It was about five a clock when I heard him down my “forbidden” beach. He was with 3 other boys, Jeremy- the oldest with light blonde hair, - Herald – the smallest in size yet, strongest, - Keith – a obnoxious 17 year old with dyed blue hair, - and Toby- a young 16 year old boy, with short brown-black hair, deep brown eyes, and a light tan. I remember that day clearly. It was a hot august afternoon probably Friday by the time, and they all had shorts and t-shirts. I overheard the conversation like I can help it I said to myself and listened closely. “This shack is supposed to be abandoned. If we can make it into a clubhouse then we could plan our attack on the preps!” said Jeremy and I snickered at the thought. They tried it before but everyone always chickens out. Can’t wait to see what will happen. They came up to my old shack and looked at it, eyes wide. “So who will go inside and see if it is clear enough? How about… Toby. The new kid.” As soon as Jeremy finished that statement everyone looked at Toby with ridiculed faces. All I heard in there thoughts were: He is dead meat. I glared outside, seeing his reaction.

    He flinched for a moment and headed towards the door. He looked at the windows and met my gaze. He stopped and turned to face them. “b-but….what…..if….someone-“ before he could finished his sentence the two older boys pushed him toward the door, and said “If u don’t your gonna regret it.” That was true. Every boy that didn’t open my door was ridiculed until they left abersant high. But, that wasn’t my fault I was the town “story” of the year. I have lived in this cabin for 100 years and only one-person saw me once, And that is were the story started. He climbed up my creaky steps and put his hand on the knob. He looked back in the window but I was in the shade so I could see him but he couldn’t see me. He shrugged and opened the door. It creaked as it slowly became open and he walked inside. As soon as he was fully in, the younger boy and the second oldest slammed it behind him, and yelled from outside. “We will come back tomorrow for ya’ at 10 am sharp!” and they ran away laughing. He tried opening my door, but they locked it from the outside. He tried to open my windows and he wasn’t strong enough too. He started to panic then relaxed himself. He walked right by me and didn’t notice my presence. Humans have no senses do they? Well not evolved ones at least. When he got into the hallway, he noticed a small ladder that went down. He shrugged and went in. as he examined my house, I went to the windows and un-locked them so they were wide open. He heard the noise and slowly came back up. When he saw that they were open he smiled and got out. Happy to leave the haunted shack, he ran to the nearest phone booth and called a ride, I guessed. Let me see what he stole this time…
    I went down the ladder as swiftly as a bird flew above the clouds into my main rooms. The kitchen, bedrooms, and other rooms I rarely used.

    I sniffed him out and found he had only gone into my room. Uh oh I said to myself, wondering what he saw. But, I realized he didn’t get to turn the knob before he heard me. So I saw relived at the moment, I looked at my clock in my master bedroom and it said 8:30 pm. I guessed it would be about 9am in America so I called my mom again. Hoping I could reach her this time. As the phone ringed I could here the waves above me crashing into each other, the sound to seagulls. My mouth watered for a second and then she finally answered me. “Abigail? Are you okay? I haven’t been able to call you, so I hoped you would call Me.” she said in hear angelic tone. My mother looked nothing like me, yet, she WAS my birth mother. She has long blonde hair, and was basically modern day prep. I waited for her to continue as she always does yet; it was silence on the phone. I thought about what to say then finally said in the calmest voice I could put it into, “mom, I’m fine. I’ve been busy too. With these human teenagers basically breaking and entering while I’m in my house.” I didn’t need to tell her that the one boy came in. she read my mind this time. “What happened? Did u hurt that poor boy?” she said her voice now like a mother in pain. I groaned in annoyance and replied with out laughing “yes, I made him into boy stew, what do you think mom? I have no self control?” I said with a smile on my face.

    Making my mom feel guilty always was too easy, so I did it a lot when I was a kid not trying to hurt her. “No, you are very responsible. I left u alone didn’t I? I just thought because you haven’t went out in a while….” Her voice trailed off, as I heard a loud horn on the beach. “Mom I got to go, I love you” I said briefly and hung up before she could respond. I headed upstairs and saw the lights outside of my cabin. I looked outside, and I saw Toby again. This time with an older man that looked more like him. His father? Or uncle? Had to be one of the two… I over heard the conversation that they had… “Dad, I swear I saw someone. She was glaring at me. I think someone lives here.” He said in a almost tear filled voice. His father shook his head and looked in the window. “Men, go check this place out.” He pointed to the other car and 5 policemen, fully armed, came out going towards my door. They kicked it down and I hid under my secret ladder. Closing the cover to it. I could feel and hear them above my head. “No one is in here..” they said then one whispered “that boy of his is crazy. A girl living in this dump, Like that would happen.” he trailed off the subject when the chief came in. he double-checked the area above me. “Nothing Toby. You sure u weren’t scared of the initiation? I was too.” he began to say but, the boy just ran away tears filling his eyes.

    The men left and the cars were gone in minutes. When I finally trusted myself to go outside to hunt, I found a baby seal that was almost dead on the beach. I was sad to kill her, but it was better than a human. When I was finished I was shocked to see him at my shack again. I crept behind him and he still didn’t notice me. “What are you doing?” I tried to say in my best voice possible. He jumped and turned around to find me 3 feet away from him. He looked at my eyes carefully, then my face. Finally he said, “I’m looking at this old place. Interesting isn’t it? How it is over a hundred years old…” he studied the wood on it, and looked at me. “What about you?” I was startled that he never had a fear in his voice. “I’m looking for baby sea turtles. They are suppose to hatch this time of night.” I said looking at a nest. He looked happy that I was not here for my shack and held out his hand “I’m Toby” he said relishing my face. I shook his hand and his face grew cold. “Abigail but, most people call me Abby.” He looked sad for a moment then started for the stairs toward the phones.
    “I better call my dad now, bye!” and he ran to call him, still looking at me.

    The next day wasn’t as bad cause I could go out and socialize because it was raining. Still thinking of the night before I ran into a pole once or twice, leaving a dent then quickly fixing it. I found my ford mustang in the beach parking lot. I made friends with the beach towers so I could keep it there. The only problem was that it was covered in bird poop by the time I go there. So I spent most of a minute cleaning it up. Instead of seals I should kill birds. There just crap machines… I said to myself, and then I noticed people were looking at me, then the car, back to me over and over again. I didn’t see why I was distracting; all I had on was my red corset, a jean jacket, and long black slacks… I slapped my forehead realizing what they are looking at. I looked too summery for rainy weather. I got into my car and turned it on, the humming sound filling my ears with a joyful sound. When I sped out the parking lot I saw myriad people staring at me, and then looking how well the car was. I headed to what most teenagers my age would be going too. And sure enough I had to park across the street. I finally reached my destination, The Foundation Club House. It was very popular in town and I heard many people talk about it, but I never went. When I got inside two things hit me. One that it smelled like coffee and humans, two that I didn’t realize that Toby’s car was here. As I walked in, he was caring a full tray of cups when I bumped into him and spilled them all over me.

    I picked them up, and wiped up the remaining coffee. “I’ so sorry-“ when he caught my gaze he smiled and finished cleaning, I smiled at went to the bathroom and got into my other jacket I brought. Even as skilled as I am in my supernatural things, I still am a klutz. I guess some things never change. When I came out I swore his jaw dropped and I chuckled under my breath. I got in line and ordered what just spilled on me. A mocha-supreme I think, it barley mattered anyway, so I threw it away after I took a few sips. He took a seat next to me and just stared at me then away when I turned towards him, then he finally said “hello again. I haven’t seen you around lately.” He smiled and I said back, looking next to his face so I didn’t choke. “I’m around, just busy.” He chuckled then said “well if your ever not busy, come see me some time.” he handed me a card with his address and number and I smiled up at him, then headed for the door. I could hear his heart race, and his breathing increase as I opened the door and went out.