• I was in a sticky position. my love of my life was standing in the same room as me, along with my best guy friend in the whole world.
    we were in this room to figure something out.

    "Sam whats it gonna be?" Jake asked the love of my life.
    "um.... I choose......."
    "wait thats not fair, same pick me." Micheal was pleading desperately.

    how do i pick between my best friend in the whole world, and the guy i was madly in love with?
    "Sam!" they both said in unison
    "its so hard to answer with all this pressure. i need time to think" i walked out of the small cramped up room, and open the door that led to the cafeteria.
    i got a tray off the rack and started placing food on my try without realizing what i was getting.
    "Sam! don't put that on your tray!" Micheal was standing next to me in line. "your allergic to peppers remember?"
    "oh right" i mutter.

    i was to busy thinking bout how i was going to answer the guys.
    i cant pick one over the other and expect them to be ok with it.
    they would both be mad if either got the rejection.

    "Sam over here. i saved you a seat" i can see Jake sitting at a table waving at me excitedly
    "Micheal i'm going to get going," i walked off in the direction Jake was sitting.

    "so did you finally come up with an answer?" Jake was impatient i could see it in his eyes
    "oh my gosh, if you guys are no going to stop pestering me bout this i'm not picking either of you."
    i was about to get up from the table when we heard a scream coming from outside the cafeteria. the blood in my face froze making it ice cold. i stood there completely frozen.

    "Sam! Sam! are you ok? Sam not yet, stay with us longer!" i can hear the cries of Micheal and Jake yelling my name

    what happened to me?
    "is she going to be ok doctor?" i can hear Micheal talking
    "she should be fine, the bullet didn't go in that deep" i can hear an unfamiliar voice speaking. it must have been the doctor.
    "well is she going to have to stay over night?" i was happy to hear Jakes voice.
    "we will just have to see how the rest of the tests goes for the day" the doctor said leaving out the door.

    i felt Micheal and Jake rushing to the side of my bed
    "well what do you know! shes awake" Micheal was smiling at me. "we thought you took a major hit"
    "what happened to me?" i asked way to weak to speak
    Micheal and Jake looked at each other confused.
    "you dont remember what happened to you?" Jake asked concerned
    "no" i just shook my head
    "you were shot in the arm with a bullet." Micheal finish explaining.
    "you were knocked out for a good 20 minutes."
    i was trying to grasp in the story Micheal had just told me

    "why was i shot?" i finally manage to ask
    Jake and Micheal looked wary
    "we don't know" Jake finally manage to say
    "Sam.... listen to us theres something..." Micheal was cut off short when the doctor walked in
    "im sorry boys." the doctor started talking while walking to the side of my bed.
    "your going have to leave. we need to do the first test on Sam"
    Micheal turned to me and said goodbye, while Jake leaned in and gave me a hug " good luck" Jake whispered into my ears.
    the doctor watched them leave, waiting for them to shut the door behind him. then he faced me.
    "ready Sam?" he asked optimistic
    "not really." i mutter ruefully
    "everything will be fine. im just going to put you in a sleep while we take some of the test. sounds ok?" he assured me.
    "sure what the heck!" i just wanted to get it over with.
    he slipped on a mask and i began to drift away when i felt the gas fill in my lungs. my eyes shut, and my mind was no longer in the hospital.
    I was in a daze when I heard the voice shout my name.
    I was in the cafeteria with Micheal and Jake. we were sitting at the table and a guy in all black walk up to us.
    he was tall and very handsome. If i wasn't in love with Jake I would try to make him mine.
    He walked to the very table I was sitting at, butterfly s started to form in my stomach.
    "Are you Sam?" the mysterious guy asked.
    "Yes." I was struggling to find words.
    Micheal and Jake looked at me, I can tell from their stares they didn't know who he was either.
    without another glance, The guy pulled a gun out of his jacket and pointed it towards me.
    "Any last words?" His smile was cricked
    "why?" was the only response that manage to escape my mouth.
    "Poor choice of words." the strange man said " but not my fault"
    he took the gun, pulled back the barrel, put in the ammo, pointed the gun towards me, and then he pulled the trigger. I was on the ground, watching a stream of blood falling out of my arm, the pain was outrageous and the bleeding wouldn't stop.
    next I hear Micheal and Jakes cries. "help her, please someone do something"
    but I was a goner.......

    "Ahh!" I screamed waking up to find myself laying on a white bed.
    "honey baby, are you ok?" I heard my mom coming to my side.
    It took me a while to understand where I was. I was in a tiny room and machines were all around. tubes sticking out from all over my arm, that attached to the monitors.
    "mom" I looked around to find her face. "im still alive right?"
    my mom gave me a weird look.
    "honey are you ok? she asked concerned "your in the hospital, of course your alive"
    it sure felt like I was dead.
    "whats wrong?" my mom put her soft delicate hand on my good arm making sure not to pull any of the tubes out.
    "nothing" I grunted. "im fine, sorry to have scared you like that"
    "Are you sure your fine? you gave me quite a scare?" i can see the concerned in her eyes.
    "im fine" i assured her.
    "well if theres any pain, i can call the doctor to." I broke her off in mid sentence with my fingers on her lips to shh her.
    "mom i don't need the doctor right now. I'M FINE" i said it this time with as much control as i had in my voice.
    that seem to have worked cause she backed down
    " I know" she said " if anything happen im here for you. but please do try to get some rest" she kissed me on the forehead and walked out the door, shutting it behind her.
    I sat up in the white hospital bed thinking to myself.

    How was I going to tell Micheal and Jake about the nightmare I just had?

    The sun was shining brightly in my eyes when I woke up.
    I was greeted by two happy smiling boys.
    "Hey Jake! hi Micheal" my voice sounded hoarse!
    "Hey Sam. you look horrible" Micheal teased!
    "haha very funny" I glared at him "so what are you guys doing here........" I looked to the clock
    "its 6 in the morning!"
    Jake and Micheal switched glances.
    "theres no school today! we get the day off. so we figured we would visit you for the whole day!" Jake was waiting for my response.
    "why? is it a holiday I forgot about?" i looked to Jake then Micheal.
    "the school decided that it was best to not have school until they find out who was the cause at your murder attempt." Jake cringed when he said it.
    "well thats just wonderful huh? at least i wont be missing much homework." i tried to tease lightning up the tension in the room.
    "Sam listen to me!" Micheal was scarring me "we have no idea who would want to kill you....."
    Micheal was cut off short when Jake started to speak
    "we do know one thing though, the person is a student at our school."
    that scared me more than anything in the world. i mean if it was just a random stranger it could have mean that he was just going around and i was just happen by bad luck to get shot.
    but since it was a student at my own school, that meant they knew me. and they wanted me dead.
    I shiver at the thought of it.
    "Jak-k-k-e-e........ M-ich-e-a-l." my voice you can hear me stuttering.
    "Sam are you ok?" it wasn't Jakes or Michaels voice.
    it was my mom.
    we all turned around to face. a tiny fragile mother in the frame of the door way.
    she was wearing a purple dress with a tiny sweater over her shoulders.
    her expression looked worried.
    "yeah mom" i lied. "im just a little frazzled bout the situation i'm in.
    i didn't want my mom to worry, but when i started to speak tears came streaming down my face.
    Micheal and Jake looked startled, they ran to my side and held me in their arms.
    "Sam everything will be fine" it was Micheal speaking. " we wont let anything happen to you again."
    i had to smile at that.
    i felt relieved.......... but i knew deep down nothing was fine!

    I walked through the door, being welcome with the fragrance of honey. I love the smell of honey, it gave me the sense of warmth, security, and home!
    It was a long two annoying days at the hospital, but when they found no reason for me to stay longer, they let me check out.
    When I walked through my front door, I was embraced in a hug by my little sister. she hadn't visit me at the hospital, since she was away visiting my grandmother. so seeing her here before me, made my face widen in a smile.
    "Hi Sam!" my little sister smiled at me.
    "Hi Kate." I responded by hugging her back.
    "So does it hurt?" she asked curious looking at the big lump I had around my arm.
    It was in a white cast to keep the stitches from coming undone.
    oh did I mention I had to get stitches?
    "It did at first" I said honestly. "But I cant really feel the pain at the moment"
    "oh well thats good" she said letting me go. after letting go of my sister I walked past her to walk into the hallway.
    My house is very small, and my mom works part time at a grocery store. so being an only parent, and having two kids to take care of is hard.
    I walked into a tiny living room, that can only let three people stand in there comfortably.
    it was crowded.
    when I got into the living room, I saw a huge banner that stretched across the tiny room, that said "welcome home Sam!"
    Micheal and Jake were on both sides holding up.
    I left from the tiny hallway, to go meet up with them
    "Thanks you guys. I know I can always count on you two to be there for me." Jake and Micheal smiled when I said that.
    I looked around the small room. My mom was smiling at me, maybe cause she was happy I was finally home. my little sister was standing next to her. and Jake and Micheal were next to me.
    the smile across my face was getting bigger when I saw everyone of them.
    then it vanished off my face when the nightmare I had earlier swept into my mind. i can start to feel the tears bubbling up inside I tired to hide it by running into my room.
    "Sam!" Micheal called to me.
    I ignored him, it didn't take long to get to my room that was down the tiny hallway, and closed my door.
    I walked into my room, feeling strange, it felt weird to be in here, after spending two days in the hospital. but it left a great feeling of happiness there. but the happiness suddenly left when Micheal and Jake were banging on the door
    "Sam whats wrong? are you ok?" this time it was Jake speaking.
    "yeah!" I lied trying to hide the tears in my voice.
    I walked over to the side of my room. the room I have to share with Kate.
    I plumped down into my bed, and dropped my face into the pillow drowning it in my tears.
    "Sam!" my mom was shouting through the door.
    "Open up!"
    I got up clumsily to open the door, it took me a while to walk across the tiny room. It shouldn't have been that hard, the only thing my room consist of is the bunk bed, Kate and i have to share.
    I put my hand on the knob, and open the door.
    I was faced by four worried people outside of my room. Jake and Micheal were staring at me startled by my face i assume, i can feel my eyes burning from my salty tears. my mom was standing next to Kate, she almost looked like she was about to cry.

    I knew i would have to tell them everything, or they would have thought I went crazy running off like that without a reason. They probably would put me back in the hospital. I didn't want to go back, not when i just got home.

    "im sorry for running out on you guys like that, but there's something i have to say...." i waited for my moms response
    "Ok honey, what is it?" my mom said calmly
    i tried to make the words come out, but i couldnt. my mouth was to dry, and i can feel a knot forming in my throat.
    i tried one more time to speak. i took in a deep breath, staring at the tip of my shoes, and the words flew out.
    "i think i know who was trying to kill me"