• Prologue

            Washington D.C
            Arlington Cemetery

            June, 1989

    Silent as the grave, a good term based on the situation at hand, based on the scenery at hand. They stood around a single grave, all four of them, cloaked in black to blend in with their background. Night had fallen on the cemetery hours ago, the moon was high in the sky, and the four waited… waited for, well… them.

    “Devon, are you sure that they’re coming?” It was a female that asked, pulling down the cloth that covered her mouth and nose. She seemed pissed off, the lines of her brow detailed to a point. One of the other figures turned to face her, pulling his mask off as well.

    “They’re going to be here.” He shouted, pulling the mask back up. “They have to be.” He mumbled, facing the grave again. The female turned back to the grave as well, falling silent once more. So they waited, again letting the silence lead their actions.

    “We’ve gotten the wrong place, they aren’t coming” It was the same girl.

    “Calm down Ziva. They’ve still got time.” Devon shouted. He was sweating under his mask, anticipation almost murderous. Ziva scoffed at him, she didn’t want to still be there, hadn’t agreed to wasting her Friday night standing around waiting for something that wasn’t even all that likely.

    It happened then, as soon as Ziva had pulled her mask back up. The light flashed just over a grave, a void opening in time and space, waiting for the ones who had summoned it to step through. They appeared through the portal, hand in hand, as cautious as possible. They didn’t see the figures around them, walking blindly into the trap. Devon ruined it.

    “Elle, Jason, run.” He shouted, slamming both of his hands into the ground. Everyone except the three of them froze in place.

    “Devon, why are you here?” Elle rushed over and wrapped her arms around her brother’s neck. Devon just picked her up and started running, motioning for Jason to follow. There was one place that he knew that others would never be able to get to them.

    “I joined so that I could protect you; I’m here because they want you gone. They don’t want the two of you finding his memories, they need them, they always do.” He slammed the door to the house shut and took a breath, letting his sister down. “If you find all of his memories, they have to stop, they don’t have a choice, but you have to be careful.” Devon rushed around the room, knowing he would have to get back to the grave before the ice wore off.

    “You’ve been giving them the wrong information, that’s why they haven’t been showing up.” Elle watched her brother, sitting down on the couch with Jason, who was silent through everything. They had retrieved most of his memories, but until they got them all, he refused to speak. Devon just nodded.

    “I gave them this one or they would have been suspicious. Pass me that glass.” Elle grabbed it off of the coffee table and passed it over, watching Devon down its contents. He turned and gave his sister a hug. “The last memory is somewhere in this city. There are 18 safe houses set up all around. This is one of them. Please be careful.” He pulled the mask back over his nose and mouth and he ran toward the door.

    “Where are you going?” Elle asked, standing up to follow her brother like a puppy dog.

    “The ice is going to wear off soon. I need to be there to alter their memories as fast as I can.” Devon ran out, heading back to the grave.

    He was right; the ice was thin when he got back. The male, Scorcerror to be exact, slammed his hands into the ground again, unfreezing everyone.

    “Where did they go?” Ziva shouted, pulling her mask off, trying to recall her memories of the scene and failing miserably.

    “The girl froze us and ran off.” Devon told them, having the best and only memory of what really happened. Ziva swore.

    “She was never so powerful before, what happened.” Devon just shrugged, staring up at the sky, hoping that they would be able to find Jason’s last memory soon. The man in charge pulled off his mask and threw it to the ground.

    “They’re getting close. If he finds that last memory, we’ve lost everything.” He shouted, staring up at the sky and placing his hand over his eyes, clearly trying to think. It would all be over so soon.