Past Remembrance

Usagi sat quietly ontop of her bed, gazing out of her window, and was staring up at the night sky with the beaming stars reaching out to her.
"Oh..that mean Mamoru, he is always picking on me." She smiled softly and looked at her phone, she had been learing how to text from her best friend Minako. She wasn't very good at it at first, but once she had gotten the hang of it she was quite a rapid texter. Her fiance, Mamoru, had gone back to college in the United States, but that didn't stop Usagi from talking to him every night. He had left many times before in her life and after his disappearence with Galaxia her heart had ached even when she had gotten him back. She giggled and pounced back onto her bed in a laying position while scaring Luna off the bed.
"Usagi! Be quiet it's night time, Chibi-Usa will come up here, and yell at you again." She snapped getting very tired, her and Artemis have been fighting verbaly for quite some time and so as a of her solutions she had been ignoring him, which had killed her in the inside.

Of course as clueless and cheerful Usagi had been, she hadn't noticed how upset Luna had been.
"Oh Luna go back to bed, Chibi-Usa can just deal, I mean I'm sure she'll understand especially since I am talking to her 'father'." Again she laughed and then she took her hair down laying under the covers texting Darien.

'Well honey I have to go, I have a big paper to do today.
Oh Mamoru leaving me for a boring paper for a lame school?
Usagi shouldn't you be asleep right now? I wouldn't want my fiance to be tired and very grumpy in the morning.
I'm not like that all the time!...Only most of the time haha...Well fine I'll go to bed since Luna is getting mad at me..and I'll be all alone no one to care for me in the dark...
Nice try Usa, you are going to bed, alright now, try to be nice to Luna ok? Tell Chibi-Usa I love her and Usa...I love you to so much.
Ok Mamo-chan I love you a tons to!'

Usagi smiled and set her phone on her dresser next to her bed. She gazed back out at the window and looked out at the stars it had been two years since she had seen the starlights. Of course she remembers them once in awhile, and tonight was one night when she remembered Seiya Kou, Sailor Star Fighter.
"Hmm maybe I'll go and see Minako tonight I bet she misses Yaten...but at least her career in singing has been taking off at a good start. l'll go when Luna falls asleep completely." she thought to herself and laid down calmly in her bed. After a few hours Luna had finally fallen asleep and it had been 1:00 a.m. Usagi was very used of staying up quite late and it didn't matter because she had just started her winter break. For poor Mamoru he didn't want to stop for a second on his educationg so he is in school even on holidays to. Quietly she snuck off off the bed and passed by rini's room. It was only a crack opened and she saw a big lump under Chibi-Usa's pink bunny covers. Usagi laughed softy and whispered,
"Aw how cute." Chibi-Usa hadn't changed in looks except for the fact of her hair growing down to her back. She still had the same personality as Usagi but unlike Usagi, Chibi-Usa was quite serious when it came to school.

She quietly snuck out of the front door and grabbed her winter coatuiyu and long boots.
"Maybe I'll go to the long way to her house..." Usagi whispered walking on the sidewalk and looked up at the stars.
"I wonder what they are doing with their..princess..." Usagi felt a bit envious of what the starlights princess had; she knew she loved Seiya but Usagi denies it had been more than friends. Suddenly she heard a car pull up next to her and Usagi turned in the direction of the car and stared at the driver's side. The black window of a dark red car pulled down slowly. A smiling face of Haruka stared at Usagi,
"Hello there my kitten long time no see." She smiled at Usagi and then she examined her clothing and saw that Usagi had her pajamas on. Michiru peered over Haruka's shoulder and said worriedly,
"Oh dear Usagi you must be freezing come inside." To Usagi those two were just like an overprotected couple of parents that are always willing to help her under most circumstances. Haruka nodded in agreement with Michiru,
"Yes, come I wouldn't want my kitten to get a nasty cold." She smirked devilishly and then glanced at Michuiru who was smiling softly.

"Oh...ok thanks you guys." Usagi smiled with a blush and went into their car. She stared out the window still thinking about the starlights.

Michiru turned around in her car seat and wondered,
"So where are you headed to on this type of night princess?"

"I was just going to see Minako I haven't seen her as much as before because of her whole singing career so I just decided to head over." Usagi tore herself from the window and stared at Michiru keeping a gentle and warming smile on her face.

"Hey kitten something is bothering you." Haruka always knew Usagi inside and out and she would always protect her from anything.
"Tell us what's on your mind."

"Oh Haruka! It's nothing I'm just a bit down about not seeing my best friend that's all! You two helped me out alot to, I mean I haven't seen you in a few months." Usagi laughed sheepishly and then turned back to the night sky once again.

As they approached Mina's house Michiru smiled and looked at Usagi, "Well there you are! It was nice seeing you Usagi."

"I am happy I had gotten to see you guys to! I hope to see you soon, I really have missed you guys." As Usagi walked out of the car and approached Minako's driveway Michiru rolled down her window.

" know you can tell us anything right...princess?" Haruka said a bit softly to Usagi. Usagi nodded and watched the car drive carefully away.

"Oh I hope Minako isn't sleeping I'm pretty sure she has nothing to do tomorrow well knowing me I'm wrong." She laughed talking to herself then her personality changed back sadly. Softly Usagi knocked on Minako's wooden door and waited for her to open the door. After a few seconds Minako opened the door and yawned rubbing her eyes. She had light purple pajamas that were quite thin so once she had opened the door Minako she had shivered.
"Oh hey there Usagi...what Usagi! What are you doing here?" Minako shot her eyes completely opened and pulled her inside her very warm house.

"Oh I'm sorry Minako I didn't mean to wake you up." Usagi said feeling a bit bad on waking her dear friend up.

"Don't worry about it, hey did you walk all the way here?" She wondered as she helped take off the coat on Usagi. Minako had gotten her own home since she already started to build up money in her singing career. All around her kitchen she had some goodies from Makoto.On her back porch she had a few good luck charms from Rei dangling from the ceiling. Ami's used laptop was in the corner of her living room and it was still very high tech for an old computer of Ami's. Usagi, unlike the others, had embarrasing snapshots of her in the living room.

"No, I saw Haruka and Michiru on my way here so they gave me a ride here." Usagi smiled slightly and then took off her boots and set it on a welcome mat.

"Well what are you doing here it's so late out!" Minako said grabbing Usagi's wrist and headed upstairs predicting Usagi was tired from the trip to her house.

"Actually...I was thinking about...getting some food! Yep some yummy food I mean your always stashed with tons of-" Usagi was cut off by Minako slamming the door behind her and then sat on the bed sitting Usagi next to her.

"Come on Usagi be serious with me." Minako was very serious and she was most sure what Usagi had been thinking about.
"It's been exactly two years since we've seen them...I am hurting to I know Usagi..." Minako grabbed Usagi's hand giving her comfort and put up a smile not wanting to make Usagi feel even worse.
"My singing career always reminds me of them..." She said softly and looked at Usagi whose eyes were tearing up.

"Minako...I miss Seiya the most though, and I get this strange feeling when I think about him. I miss having my guy friend around to cheer me up. Do you think they will ever come back?" Usagi said quietly looking down at her feet sadly.

Minako saw how upset Usagi had looked,
"Yes, I'm sure they will I mean they couldn't forget us...and they're princess is kind to them so I would think she would allow them to come back for a visit." She reached from under her bed and grabbed her weapon when she had been a sailor scout. It was small about the size of a permanent marker. Slowly she wrapped her fingers around it and held it out to Usagi.
"Hey do you remember this? No one has used it in two years..."

Usagi looked up at Minako and held her brooch out and smiled slighty,
"Do you wanna-"

"Yes! Let's transform! Maybe...maybe we can convince the other to teleport to their planet!" Minako said hopefully looking at Usagi.
"We should call them later beause I'm sure they all wouldn't be up. Maybe, we should make a sailor appearance!" She laughed and held up her wand,
"Ready Usagi?"
Usagi nodded and held up her brooch and then shouted,
"Sailor make up!" Slowly the both transformed into the sailor clothing. Instead of Usagi in her normal sailor scout outfit she had been transofrmed into her princess transformation.
"What's this? Where did my sailor form go?"

"Oh no Usagi..." Venus had been tranformed into her normal sailor clothing unlike Usagi.
"What hapened?"

She nodded no and then felt dizzy. "I don't think we can do this. I hear a voice pouding into my head...she is saying do not go to them...they are happy without you girls in their lives..." Usagi said as she placed a hand on the bed to keep herself balanced.
"Oh no...That's they're princess! They have to come back to see us." Minako looked down and put a fist to her chest slowly.
"No, there is no way that's her she is to- come on Usagi we'll go ourselves!" She grabbed Usagi and ran outside. To their suprise they seen two figures who were sailor scouts also..
"Setsuna! Hotaru what are you doing here!" Minako had yelled out at the two.

Hotaru looked at Usagi and nodded no,
"I'm sorry you guys...You cannot see those starlights."

"Hotaru I have to disapprove they helped us in the biggest war in our sailor lives! Besides...they all-" Usagi shouted in an outburst and began crying and felt her knees beginning to wobble slightly. She had been interupted by a snap of Pluto.

"Usagi! What about Mamoru and Chibi-Usa! You have them back isn't that what you had always wanted when those outsiders were here? Would you trade the starlights for your family?" Setsuna said harshly out of the childness Usagi had shown.
"I thought you could make a simple decision Sailor Moon...I guess Queen Serenity wasn't right about your maturity level yet...well I guess we thought wrong my princess. Also did you even check how Luna is? Luna hasn't been at her brightest and what do I see you doing, diddle daddling about the starlights with your bestfriend. Also what about your little daughter with Mamoru? She is also having a rough time not being able to see Mamoru just like you. You have become more selfish than ever Usagi...Come on Hotaru, let's go, I see that Usagi can make her own little decisions on her own." Setsuna ran away with Hotaru she felt quite guilty, but Setsuna knew she had to be harsh towards Usagi so she would understand. They headed back to Usagi's home to keep an eye on things. Minako sighed and kneeled down next to Usagi an whispered,
"Usagi...I don't think you are acting selish and such, I mean no danger has come in a long time and your mother is watching them. Also Luna...she is a big cat she knows what to do. Speaking of cats Artemis has been acting the same way to now that I think about it. I always ask him what's wrong but-"

"I am a terrible person Minako...face it...I just can't think about them anymore." Usagi played with the bottom of her dress and then she stood up straight on the snowy ground and headed inside with Minako.

Minako had tranformed back along with Usagi,
"Hey how about tonight you stay's too cold outside to walk back. Also I'm sure Artemis will come out and see you." Minako looked around her house and found Artemis on the couch snoring loudly.

"Hmm?" His ear lifted up and smelled the air not lifting up his eyelids.
"Usagi? What are you doing here?" He opened his eyes and then the moon on his forehead began to glow. Artemis pawed his forehead making the glow go away.

"Hey there little Artmemis." Usagi sat on the couch next to Artemis and hugged him tightly and set him on her lap.
"Mmm? What's wrong with you two girlies? You girl are rather tense and..." He sniffed Usagi and noticed other scents.
"What were Hotaru and Setsuna here for?" Artemis wondered still smelling Usagi.

"Nothing Artemis...Well Usagi is going to spend the night so we'll be upstairs if you need us okay?" Minako smiled and headed upstairs with Usagi.

"Hey you think we should talk to Ami...about Taiki...I know she liked him to." Usagi whispered and jumped onto Minako's bed and stared out the window grabbing her knees to her chest.

"Yea, I'm sure she'll need to be talked to especially with her and her science stuff I'm sure she thinks about him alot. Also remember that one comet that one teacher saw?" Mina wondered.

"Oh that one...wait isn't that suppose to happen in about a week or so?" Usagi wondered laying down and closed her eyes really just wanting to get away from reality.

"Yep I bet Ami is excited about seeing the comet. I think we should see her because she will be thinking about how we saw it the last time and the rain..." Minako sighed and laid down on her side of the bed.
"Well good night Usagi we'll call mom in the morning and tell her you spent the night here." Minako had started to call Usagi's mother her own mom because she had known her for quite awhile. Slowly Usagi began to fall into a very deep sleep and she started to dream.