Hmm well let's see where to begin...okay well this is a total last minute story and it's like 220 a.m. amd well i wanna write a story and well i am on my phone typing this to so yea sad ..okay i have been having this dream about this series called 'Vampire Diaries' which is so awesome and stuff! but i am in a creppy twisted vampire mood suddenly and umm here we go wink

A very rich king named King Lucious had ruled most of the lands in the 1800's. Most people would recall this man as the king or bringer of death because the major fact is that he wasn't mortal, but immortal, or on how some people had thought of. He was a rare, but vicious type of species called vampires. This vampire had two sons and two daughters. The oldest sibling out of the four was from his first bride, a blonde hair darling with dazzling purple eyes named Alice a beautiful princess to take over any throne and any boy or man had wanted dearly. The smart little vampire had been the age of 17 when exposed to the world of the mortals. She had a special type of charm that had made everyone adore her very much.
Then the scond oldest sibling was a handsome boy named Ian. He had been born with King Lucious's second bride. He had brunette hair like his father's and had red eyes from his mother. This young vampire hadn't been exposed to the mortal world since the age of 20 because he had been known for a great amount of temper. He had a certain technique of his own which was to force people to do things against their own will.
Then to the third son which had been also born from the same mother as Ian and his name had been Jared. He had grey eyes from his father and black hair from his mother. This deligate vampire would have the power to control the shapes of anything he had desired. Jared had been introduced into the mortal society at the age of 14 because he had always behaived himself and was quite mature.
The with the youngest sibling which was another girl and with the King's final bride, the third bride. Her name had been Emma and he appearance was quite extrodanary because she had looked nothing like her parents. Emma had glowing green eyes with almost sparling black hair. She was very small and fragile, but people were put in a disadvantage on judging her. Emma's strength was always depending in her mood. Her mood changes would depend on the weather in the country she would be in. She was introduced to the mortal at the age of 9 because nobody dared to upset her.