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"Seiya...I'll keep everything a secret...don't worry..." She got dressed into a long sleeved blue top and dark blue skinney jeans. Besides she needed to go outside to investigate a few things herslef. Usagi took a deep breath and unlocked her door. She put on her small black coat and turned the knob slowly getting ready to face the crowd and show off the true deception she has learned all the years.


As soon as the poor blonde opened the door there was a huge crowd of people with cameras, microphones, tape recorders, and questions. She closed the door behind her and made sure she locked it. A few people walked up to her with a microphone and asked, "Is the rumor true? Are you Sailor Moon?''

Usagi laughed and nodded no, "Me? Sailor Moon? Ha! That's ridiculous I am the most clumsy person in my school I could never be as graceful as that Sailor Moon figure! Also there are so many differences from what I know of!"

"What are the differences? What is you reaction to the Three Lights dissapearance?" Another reporter asked as they moved closer to her. He was very persistant and wanted to know all of the dirty details.

"She is graceful and can do so many things! With me I can barely pass my gym class." Her attitude changed when they brought up the Lights. "Well those guys, they were nice it's very upsetting that those singers are gone. I just believe they are on a yot in the middle of no where probably. Now excuse me." She shoved her way through the people then stopped when she heard a certain question.

"People say that you and Seyia had an affair? Is this true in anyway? Do you love him? Does he love you" A female reporter asked also pushing through the crowds approaching Usagi.

"An affair? I was only...a fan he was just nice to me. Love? To a rockstar? Many girls are in love with him. Besides he has...models, actressess, and singers to love." With that she walked away from them with the crowd following her. "So this is what Seiya went through?" No matter what Usagi did she couldn't shake off the reporters, so she wanted to ask a question. "Where did the shooting star fall?" The reporters gave no answer they had turned her words and made more questions.

As her and the group walked along the sidewalk a familiar red car pulled up. "Come in kitten quickly." The window lowered slightly but this person didn't reveal their face.

Usagi opened the car and jumped inside in relief. "Thanks Haruka and Michiru you are a life saver!" She shook her head and closed her eyes happy there were no more flashing lights beaming in her eyes.

"So they are on our tails...we have to do something to shake them off." Michiru tunred around and stared at Usagi. "It was only a matter of time before they found out anyway. How are you doing princess?"

Usagi bit her lip knowing she would be lying alot today. "I'm doing much better, but I was curious...could you drive me to where the shooting star landed?"

"Of course kitten anything you ask. So were the scouts with you last night?" Haruka asked as she changed the direction of the car to go to their destination. She had been wearing a tan suit with a black tie. Her partner, Michiru, wore a white sweater with gray pants feeling lazy.

"Oh yup! They wouldn't leave my side it was very funny." She smiled on the outside but was dying completely on the inside. "They left this morning though and then those...reporters came to my door."

"They came to our door to but of course we scared them off." Michiru laughed and looked straight ahead. ''Here we are now. Be careful because it is very big and I don't want you falling in."

Usagi nodded and got out of the car quickly. What she had observed is not what she was expecting. There were many holes they were about the size of a king sized bed. There had been at least twenty of them all around. "Wow...there are so many!" She looked in amazement. Usagi had to keep the act of happiness for the two were still watching her. A few minutes passed and she went back inside the car with her shoes covered in snow. "Sorry you guys."

Haruka nodded no, "It's alright no worry." She looked over at Michiru who had just hung up the phone. "We can clean that up later." Haruka smiled and then looked back to Usagi.

"Oh dear Usagi seems the reporters caught Minako because of a minor slip up we need to get there." Michiru said worriedly and had Haruka swiftly drive to Minako's house.

''Alright I wouldn't want anything to jepordise our identities." Usagi looked out the window thinking about Setusna and Momaru. She felt a turning feeling in her stomach once again she didn't know if it was from the thought of her not being with Momaru or her not eating. "Guys I'm going to-" Before she could finished she opened the door of the moving vehicle and vomitted.

Michiru crawled to the back seat as Haruka stopped driving and pulled over. "Hey princess what's wrong with you?" She reached for a water bottle in the backseat and made Usagi drink it carefully.

Usagi sat back and nodded no, "Nothing just go to Minako's now!" She yelled out actually worried about Minako and she kept drinking the water feeling a bit better. Once they had arrived to her house Haruka and Michiru dashed out of the car with Usagi sitting there tiredly. It took the poor blonde a few minutes to get out of the car finally. Not really wanting to get involved with the press again she walked away not knowing exactly where to go.

"Mamoru's place..." She couldn't help but want to see him once more. Usagi had felt much too lonely and was very desperate. So the blonde did what her heart craved for, she headed to his apartment. After thirty minutes passed by her feet began stomping ready to run as fast as possible. Then as she passed by an electronic store she spotted something vey interesting, Helios. "What!" Usagi panicked and next to him was Chibi-Usa. "Chibi-Usa..." She cried softly watching them laughing together looking at stereos in a section. ''My daughter..." Usagi couldn't help it and walked into the store staring at her.

"Oh look at that Helios look how pretty that is I'm sure mummy would love it!" Chibi-Usa laughed as she pointed to a new laptop. "She loves up to date things!" She tugged on his shirt as happily as ever. Then she had found something wrong and frowned. "Oh hey look there is that Usagi.'' She looked at her and sighed holding Helios's hand. "What are you doing here?"

Usagi looked at her sadly, "Chibi-Usa please don't do this. I am your original mother and you know that! Even if Setsuna is your mother now...we still have that connection and you know it!" Her eyes became glossy once more.

"I certaintly did nothing all I did is watch my father get heartbroken while a silly dumb blonde had her fantasy about another man!" Chibi-Usa yelled out loud but stopped once Helios wrapped his arms around her waist and laid his chin on her shoulder.

"Relax let's go now we'll buy something else for the queen." Helios whispered so only Chibi-Usa and Usagi could hear. "She isn't worth you words anymore have your father deal with this."

"Helios...please...She is my daughter..." Usagi took a step toward them carefully looking at them. "Don't fill her head with such nonsense. My baby-"

"I am not your daughter Usagi get over that. Let's go Helios I can't stand her any longer." Chibi-Usa complained and Helios did what was asked and he directed her and him out of the store. Usagi was there heartbroken completely. Suddenly snow began to fall as if to make Usagi's mood even more lonely. She knew she couldn't face Mamoru it would take awhile until she could face him.

Usagi decided to head back home which was a few minutes away since she knew many shortcuts around town. "Great I'm cold, wet, and heartbroken..." The blonde complained wiping tears that were beginning to form once again. Quietly she walked out of the store and headed back home. During the whole walk she was on her top gaurd just in case any of the reporters were following her. Once Usagi reached her house she was relieved nobody was at her house with a camera. "I hope the girls aren't too worried about me..." The wet blonde grabbed the key from her pocket and unlocked her door and opened it finally.

Poor Usagi she is just going through so many things. Also, I myself am getting impatient with the starlights not appearing. Now worries though, they will be arriving soon! I will make this short, the chapter title is called 'Once More' and now for the previews-

As Usagi shut off the televison she was thinking of her encounter with Chibi-Usa and Helios. "My daughter...what have they done to my baby..." She placed a hand on her stomach which is where Chibi-Usa was suppose to be in. All the blonde could do was to stare blankly at a wall this was too much and in such little time.

"They noticed similarities because of the looks. I have the buns on my head, blonde hair, and what not." Usagi sighed and poked her pigtailed buns ontop of her head.

Ami smiled and complied she opened her door slowly, 'Alright the door is opened now can I see your face?' The blue haired girl looked all over the place but found nothing

"Oh now how am I ever going to have Ms. Minako forgive my action." He put his hands on her waist gently.

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