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Seyia knew something else had been wrong with his Odango, but he decided to leave it alone. He had her back and in his arms once more. That is what he wanted for those three years. He decided tomorrow he would find out what really happened to this poor girl. He held her tightly and fell asleep with her.

Yaten opened the door and quickly closed it behind them. "Minako I'm sorry I have been away from you for so long." He laid her gently down onto the bed and kissed her roughly. Well needless to say they hadn't gotten out of the room for the rest of the night.

"Thank you..." She curled up into a small ball and had her face under his neck. Slowly Ami fell asleep with Taiki stroking her hair gently to help her fall asleep.

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The next morning Usagi found herself awoken by a warm touch on her face. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Seiya still asleep infront of her and somehow he had been shirtless. He had his hand gently on her face and she began scooting away from him. "Seiya, why did you come back for me? After all...I only rejected or ignored you." Usagi wondered to herself and got off her bed without making a sound. "My ring...I can't part with it...not even for Seiya's sa-" As she whispered she heard a low ringing tone coming from her bedroom. Quickly Usagi ran to the room forgetting about Seiya for a split second and answered the phone.
'Haruka, what...are you calling for?' Usagi wondered looking at the caller id before she answered.

'Kitten he has already arrived hasn't he?' Haruka sounded a bit upset she had been in her bedroom all alone. The dirty blonde haired girl had sat on the side of the bed with a hand on her hair frustrated.

'Yeah...he is sleeping right now...' Usagi responded and went into Chibi-Usa's room carefully. She hadn't been in the room in quite awhile and it looked very ordinary.

'He slept over?' Haruka's voice crackled a bit but she knew inside Usagi needed to be comforted by him. Of course she still didn't like the idea of him being near her princess, but for Usagi's sake she had to make an exception for now.

'Yes, please Haruka he protected me and made sure I was alright all night! Don't be so mean to him please...' Usagi had found out she had been saying the word please much more than usual.

'Princess don't apologize...I'm not used of this and I am also protective over you to.' She sighed and got out of her bed ready to greet Michiru.

'I know but you have to lear-Oh could I let you go Minako is calling me.' Usagi looked all around Chibi-Usa's room trying to find anything suspicious.

'Of course, take care. Make sure he has a great amount of respect to you...goodbye.' With that Haruka hung up and the Usagi answered the phone hearing a loud giggly scream.

'Usagi! Is Seiya over there because Yaten is here-shh be quiet I'm talking to her right now go away. Go make breakfast!' Minako laughed at Yaten who was poking her sides gently.

'Umm yes Minako he is here I think he is going to wake up any second. I'll let you and Yaten...go umm have fun I guess?' Usagi laughed and hung up the phone. "Whew nothing from Mamo-my ring!'' Carefully the pigtailed haired girl snuck back into the bedroom and found Seiya sitting up tiredly. "Oh, your awake...did I accidentaly wake you up?" She wondered and went near the dresser she had put her ring on.

"Usagi...come here..." Seiya had rarely called her by her real name so Usagi had known something was up and it was serious. He had his legs open as in for her to sit there.

"O..Okay..." Usagi was shocked at him saying her name and crawled onto the bed sitting across from him instead. "W..what is it? You're so...serious.'' She wasn't going to lie to herself but she was a bit a afraid of him

"What has happened in the past three years since I've been gone exactly? Also what is happening right now? You aren't the same girl from three years ago..." Seiya had noticed the jurastic change in the poor girl.

"Can we please not talk about this...there is so much to tell." Usagi looked down containing her tears from falling infront of Seiya again.

"Unfortunatly I can't do that. Odango don't you trust me?" He grabbed her hand and lifted up her chin and his ocean blue eyes were quite glossy now.

"Seiya don't...alright, I guess I can tell you." She took herself away from his grip and grabbed a pillow to hug tightly. As Usagi began to explain many tears flew down from her face. A few times Seiya attempted to comfort the odango haired girl rejected him.

"I had no idea you have gone through all of that." Seiya got out of the bed and sat next to her. "I'm sorry I pushed you to tell me." He looked at her ashamed of himself for pressing her to share it.

"Well I'm getting better I mean, it's just Mamoru...Chibi-Usa...I'm sorry for crying like a mess like this." Usagi apologized and wiped the tears away quickly. She gave a very weak smile and said, "Come on we should be getting out of the house and hang out somewhere. I've been locked in my house for awhile anyway and crying..." Without hearing a response from Seiya she went to her room and changed into long bellbottom blue pants. She had also put on a long sleeved pink shirt. "Mamo-chan...ChibiUsa..." The teen whispered as she set down the picture of her small family taken awhile ago.

"Hey Odango I think the reporters came back for more." Seiya knocked on her door quietly. "They seem to be everywhere looking for you." He decided that he would spend more time with her.

"No! They'll- sneak out the back Seiya!" Usagi opened her door and caused Seiya to stumble forward a bit. "Hurry go go! Meet me at-"

"No, I am not going to let you out of my site. Besides we will have to face them again anyway." Seiya smiled at her reassuringly and looked at her. "Also I want today to be a day just for you."

"Seiya, but- alright let's go and fight off these reporters." She put on black boots with a white sweater this time and opened the door listening to questions.

"Ms. Tsukino more rumors are going around and it is said the lights have come back and the Seiya Kou himself had spent the night here. Now is that true?" A female voice asked from far away. Seiya had been behind the door so no one had seen him but he had held Usagi's hand.

"Well-" Usagi mumbled, her eyes were partially puffy and she had questions about that to. She remained completely quiet because Seiya had popped out behind her which had reporters had began screaming.

"Yes yes hello there. I see a few familiar face here. Well me and Ms. Tsukino are on our way for a beautiful walk now if you will excuse us." Seiya pushed his way throught the crowd. "Usagi don't talk to them." He whispered down to her. As they walked along at few people began to disappear. All that was left was a van and about ten people following them. As they walked down by Minako's house she saw another swarm of reportes talking to Minako and Yaten.

"Yaten! Minako!" Usagi yelled and waved at the two who looked quite sleepy. "Over here!" She waved out and looked at Seiya. "Wow there are so many people here!" Seiya smiled at her very happy to see Usagi was turning happier than her previous self.

Honestly Usagi had forgotten what had happened. Her mind was too rushed with the star lights to think about the negatives.

Yaten was dragged through the crowd by Minako excitedly squealing. She had been dressed in a tight black t-shirt and tight neon green pants. "Usagi! You have Seiya with you." She had been shouting because too many people were questioning them constantly.

"Oh Minako their affair was suppose to be a secret don't be so obvious!" Yaten yelled for the reporters to hear. He snickered slightly which made Seiya laugh a bit.

"It's not an affair Yaten! Be quiet come on we are going to Ami's house." Usagi laughed and grabbed her best friend's arm who held onto Yaten with the reporters consistently asking questions. Seiya follwed the three calmly and was trying to keep the reporters off of them.

As the small group approached Ami's house they were suprised to see the house not surronded by anything. "Ah seems Taiki kept his tracks covered. Always the smart one." Yaten and Seiya chuckled then went to the door with the two blondes along with the reporters.

"Ami! Open up! Stop hogging Taiki to yourself!" Minako and Usagi yelled knocking and ringing the doorbell rapidly at the same time. "Other people would like to see him to!"

''Hold on you guys..." Ami replied shyly as she slipped off the couch and got dressed. "Oh Taiki I can't believe that we will be all together just like the old days." She smiled as she put on her coat and shoes.

"It's okay you can share Taiki with us we won't bite but Ya-" Minako laughed and saw Taiki opened the door laughing nerveously. "Oh why hey there Taiki having fun in there?" She raised an eyebrow and nudged him.

"Why yes I am Minako thank you for asking and also I know Yaten bites.'' Taiki laughed and added, "Minako I'm sure you know that to after your sleepover."

"Oh Taiki you don't know the half of it.'' Mianko laughed and pushed Taiki softly, "Now could you show us Ami she loves me and Usagi to! Right!" She looked over to her friend who was smiling slightly.

"Yup she is out little braniac and we love her! Come on you guys I have to take you somewhere!" Usagi began walking away slowly and sighed softly. Seiya looked over at Usagi who seemed to get sad. He had wanted to go but Taiki and Yaten put a hand on his shoulder as if to tell him to stay back.

"Mina go follow her I'll wait with Taiki and Seiya for Ami. Usagi looks a bit upset, go find out where she is heading." Yaten kissed her on the lips making sure the reporters took pictures. He laughed as she skipped to Usagi and waited for Ami with Taiki and Seiya talking quietly to the two.

"Hey Usagi where are we going?" Minako wondered following her friend. "Is it like an adventure like in the old days? With just the two of us would hang together?"

"Minako...where's Artemis?" Usagi wondered worrying about her dear little cat friend.

"He's with Mokoto she wanted to watch him after having his trip to the vet. Also she is going on a week trip so she took him along.'' Minako had to be very careful on her selection on words becuase the reporters were all around them persisting answers from them. After a few minutes of walking Ami, Taiki, Seyia, and Yaten had finally caught up to them.

"Hey Ami! You are finally away from Taiki and out of your house!" Usagi yelled along with Minako happily. They were all becoming quite happy which they haven't done for awhile.

"Hey you guys." Ami blushed as she had her hand grabbed lightly by Taiki who intwined their fingers. "Umm...where are we going exactly? The reporters would like to know also."

"Well Taiki me and Yaten have to stop back home and change first. I would think that would be the best thing to do. Also with Yaten and Minako doing whatever they did he should change." Seiya chuckled and ran up to Usagi who was infront so he wrapped his arm around her.

"Seiya!" Yaten snapped at him, "We shouldn't go there now. We can just buy clothes I have money anyway!" He was very upsetted for some strange reason Seyia didn't know.

"Yaten he doesn't know yet...Kakyuu isn't the same and we-" Taiki kept his voice down to the group which had somehow worked. The girls and Seiya were quite curious, but the Usagi had to comment on this conversation.

"What about her she is nice and friendly!" Usagi smiled picking up her pace. "Besides I haven't seen her in awhile and it would be very nice to see her again!" She laughed and looked up as a few snow flakes fell upon her face.

"Usagi...things are different our princess...her star is more corrupt." Yaten whispered as quiet as possible and all the reporters heard was 'things are...more corrupt'.

"Yaten you are exageratting she is a friend of mine and...well come on let's hurry. Can you famous singers get them away so we can have privacy?" Usagi complaind staring at the reporters with Seiya at her side.

Taiki shrugged, "Our bodygaurds will have them go away. That's what they're paid for." He smiled at Ami as they arrived the building and walked inside. As Taiki promised the bodygaurds protected them from the nasty reporters.

"Minako... Ami...I need to tell you something...Yaten, Seiya, and Taiki please go check on Kakyuu please..." Usagi looked down wanting to tell somebody this certain secret of hers. About as soon as Usagi had requested for the three to leave they did as they were told and ran off to the room. "Setsuna is pregnat with Mamoru's chid which is Chibi-Usa!" She spat out quickly having it stuck in her mind.

"What!" They both yelled surprised at this. "How could he!" The two were completely and uterly shocked by the words that their princess was telling them.

"How do you know this? Did he tell you himself or did they?" Ami asked hugging her friend tightly and sadly. "I'm so sorry Usagi..." She felt so much distress to her friend who had so much drama to deal with already.

"They told me and I saw them and you guys were...dead. Helios had me in a dream world but it was so realistic." Suddenly she had transformed into princess Serenity with her dress once again. "In this dress to Mamo-chan...he had me on the floor pinned. I didn't know what he was going to do...I was so scared..." She covered her face with her hands. "My ring..." Usagi fell down to her knees remembering everything very vividly and cried.

"Usagi, come on we need to get you back to Seiya." Minako said as her and Ami helped by holding her hands to guide her to the room. ''Don't think about Mamoru anyway."

"As sick as he may be I love him he is my Prince Endymion even if I do not carry his child..." Usagi looked down at her stomach and gently placed a hand on her hollow stomach. "You guys please don't let them see me like this I've cried too much as the cry baby I am...'' Her two friends nodded and cleared her tears away.

"Come on Usagi we'll get you cleaned up." Minako luckily brought makeup in a small wallet purse and pulled it out for her friend. "Ah there we go!" She smiled as she finished powdereing her eyes to make them look unred.

"You guys I'm still wondering...what Yaten was talking about I know she is a good friend to the sailor scouts but, he looked quite serious." Ami bit the side of her finger gently as she looked at Usagi's wonderful dress.

"We'll see for ourselves Ami!" Usagi smiled trying to get her cheery mood back. "Let's hurry before they wonder where we went." She picked up her dress and ran down the hall with her heels clicking and clacking on the tiles.

Poor Usagi it's such a saddening life for her. At least the thre guys are back! I wonder what is wrong with their princess? What could it possibly be? Oh wait, I know! I'm sorry I'm terrible, but here I'll try to make it up to you! The next chapter title is- 'Strangth' and now for the previews-

"What is it that you have to tell me?" The blonde backed up slightly but bumped int the living room wall by the door. "Why are your eyes so, empty and emotionless?"

"Then tell me! What is so secretive that you aren't telling me? If it were Usagi I would tell my fellow scouts that I trust the most. Unless you don't trust me, then...I don't see any reason for you to remain on Earth any longer." Ami looked away from him and had a fist to her side.

"Me a coward? You possibly." A female voiced laughed as something slowly rose up on the bed. "Well my Mamo-chan doesn't think so, also pet names are too immature anyways. He tells me I am more stronger than that princess want to be you have there Seyia or I should say Fighter."

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