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Usagi had a very bitter behavior which is uncommon from her usual personality. Her eyes were completely covered in water. Then suddenly everything had turned quiet and Usagi had her face in her hands. After a few minutes of silence Usagi looked back up and noticed everyone had been gone. "Guys..." She whispered and decided to head into her house.

"Mom, Dad...I'm home!" She had tried to transform back but for some odd reason it didn't work. "Shingo? Come on you isn't funny where are you?" Usagi looked all around and walked outside when she had realized. She had recieved what she wished for, to be absolutely...alone.


Usagi began to run out of tears she had realized. "Where is everyone? Mamo-chan's apartment!'' She had an urge to head over there. It took her a good twenty minutes to reach the building considering Usagi's dress tripped her a few times. She went up the elevator to his apartment and had realized his door was slightly opened. "Mamo...chan." She whispered as she opened the door slowly.

There everyone was Artemis, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury. Suddenly she realized they all weren't breathing. "Scouts!" She rushed into the room and went to their side checking if they were messing around. As she checked out Jupiter she felt harsh warm breath pressing against her neck.

Quickly she twirled her head around and saw her Mamoru staring at her only a few inches from her face. Behind him were Pluto, Chibi moon, Luna in her human form, and Saturn. "Well well look what the cat dragged in Luna." Pluto laughed placing a hand on Momaru's back gently.

"Oh hush up we have her where we want her why don't we just do it now before they come?" Luna complained as she stepped forward reaching for Artemis.

"Don't you dare touch him!" Usagi yelled and reached for Artemis before Luna got him. "What have you done to them, you monsters!"

"Oh ouch mummy that hurt deeply." Chibi moon smiled and placed a hand on her heart. "Yes I agree with Luna I mean I have Setsuna as my new mother now there is no use."

Mamoru nodded as he placed a hand on Setsuna's stomach. "No I would like to toy with her emotions first." He knelt down to Usagi's face who was terrified. "Are you upset with me? I mean I gave you your wish to be alone and you came to my apartment."

Shocked Usagi said nothing and looked away. "Where is my lover...Mamo-chan isn't anywhere in my sight anymore!" There it went again her tears streamed down as she looked into what seemed heartless eyes from Mamoru. "I love you so much still, but why...who do you all work for? Galaxia is dead we have freedom!" She looked helpless and then her friends' bodies began turning to lights. "No you guys! Don't leave me! You said we'd stick together protect me you guys!" She cried of reaching for their lights which had also began to disappear.

Setsuna grabbed her stomach and threw up on the floor. "Saturn...come with me they need to talk, Helios...turn her to another place...beat her." With that she ran to another place with Hotaru.

"Helios don't do it..." Chibi-Usa threatend and walked up to him holding his hand tenderly. "I need to make my final goodbye before we do this. Father, do what you must I will be gone with Helios. Ring this bell when you are ready." She tossed him a small silver bell then added, "Goodbye mother, oh wait goodbye...Usagi." She laughed softly and swiftly fled with Helios.

"You...your having Chibiusa with Setsuna! How could you!" She snapped out with rage. Usagi scooted away from him and looked away from him. "I can't believe you..."

Mamoru crawled ontop of her gently and sighed, "Usa, look at me please..." He kissed her cheek gently. His voice grew softer and then she complied and looked at him. "There we go...I wanted to make you happy but..." He gently kissed her lips and stared at her. "but you chose that guy..." The darkned hair male had turned quite angry on even thinking about this guy.

"Get off of me, let me go we are done. You can marry your Setsuna just give me my friends back and I won't ever come near you ever again!" Usagi cried trying to get up but he had pinned her arms down and legs.

"I cannot do that for I...somewhat care what happens to you." Mamoru kissed her on her neck lightly. He had a firm hold onto her wrists because she had been struggling more.

"Let me go!" Usagi screamed out crying now. "Please help anyone! Scouts help! Mamoru stop release me! By the order of Queen Serentiy!" She had began to glow white and something had pushed Mamoru across the floor. Then suddenly Usagi began to glow wings. Her normal pigtails fell down so her hair had been completely down. Quickly as a reaction Mamoru rang the bell as loud and as much as he could but nothing had happened. " could have been different if you would have let me explain completely...I still somehow love you M-" With that Usagi herself frightend and in her bed. She had the covers thrown off of her but her eyes remained sealed tight.

"Usagi Usagi! Wake up! Please your having a nightmare!" A familiar voice yelled out it had a high pitched worried tone to it.

"Mamo-chan!" Usagi yelled out and sat up in her bed. Dried tears had covered her face completely. The blonde girl had opened her eyes and found that her friends Mokoto, Minako, Rei, and Ami surronded her bed. "Guys! You are all alive! You are here..." Fresh new tears formed again as she held her friends tightly.

"Usagi..." Ami whispered and pulled away, "What happened to you?" The pigtailed girl nodded no and did not want to share her dream right away.

"What happened? Please tell us." Mokoto held Usagi's hand which held on tight trying to keep more of her tears inside. "You were screaming and mumbling in your sleep but you wouldn't wake up."

"I can't talk about i-" Usagi had realized that Setsuna had been carrying Chibiusa and now Usagi would not be a mother. She threw up on the side of her bed. The blonde had her hair held back by her great friend Rei. Quickly Mokoto ran for a garabge and placed it under Usagi's mouth. Kindly Rei patted Usagi's back and sighed feeling terrible.

"Usagi...what do you want us to do?" Minako whispered as Usagi finished her little episode of throwing up. She threw off the bed sheets and gave her a blanket from the closet. Rei went to throw out the garbage bag.

"I...I don't know...just spend the night please you guys..." Usagi pleaded to her friends that remained. "I don't want to be alone..." She had finally looked at herself and was in a bunny nightgown as her friends still had been in their dresses.

"I'm sorry Usa I can't tonight but I think Rei, Minako, and Ami can." Mokoto sighed feeeling guilty and looked down sadly. "I am supposed to go out of town for a family thing. I'm so sorry I can't get out of it because it is to have my cooking buisness up and going for a start."

"Don't call me that please don't..." Usagi cried and laid back down on the cleaner side of her bed. As she heard Mokoto and Rei talking the miserable blonde dozed off and fell asleep.

Rei nodded no, "I can't grandpa is very ill and I can't have all the responsibilities rest on Yuuichirou so I have to help out. Can you guys stay?" She wondered directing her to Minako and Ami.

Minako nodded, "I can stay at least till midnight because I can't leave Artemis by his lonely self. Unless one of you can take him then I might be able to stay here."

Mokoto smiled and pointed to herself, "I can take him I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind him staying with us. Also it will give him time to relax from his injuries."

Ami looked at them and sighed, "Apparently I can't stay long maybe about one a.m. I can stay. I am home alone and I have to watch my house with all of my experiments... It wouldn't be very responsible of me to leave it. Minako can at least stay here for poor Usagi."

"Yeah, but I have my own house to and with my singing career becoming more complex it would be hard. Well I'll stay here as long as I can." Minako brushed Usagi's hair gently and stared at her quite upsetted.

Morning had come along and it was a very cold monday morning. Thankfully for the puffy eyed teen she didn't have to worry about school. She had awoken about one o'clock p.m. slowly. Quietly she put on her slippers and noticed no one had stayed the night with her. "Why? My scouts, they are abandoning me to? I have no one to rely onto anymore..." She went infront of her mirror and put on the fakest smile ever. Usagi grabbed and fluffy pink robe and put it on her. Gently the girl put her hair up in her original pigtails and put makeup on not wanting to make anyone too worried.

The pigtailed girl walked downstairs and went to her counter wanting to have some coffee. "Oh I need coffee just to wake me up from this terrible mood..." She whispered with a trailing sigh afterwards.

That is when she had noticed a note up on the counter that said 'Usagi your father, brother, and I will be gone until winterbreak ends. I had thought you'd want to have some girly time. Just don't do anything too immature hunny alrighty? See you soon, oh, also there is money in my jewlery box in any EMERGENCY. bye! From ~your mother, Ikuko.'

" ring..." She looked at her left hand at her engagement ring that Momaru had given her awhile ago. "It seems I can't take it off..." Usagi sadly stared at it and then turned on the television as she made coffee.

She was very uninterested but couldn't change the channel. All she could makeout was somethig about the weather turning bad and disasters. As her coffee was made she sat onto her couch and sighed heavily. Then something caught her interest on the television.

'Now the scientists are saying that the meteor shower last night was quite unordinary. Since the rocks simply dissapeared and are no where to be found. Oh, now some interesting news from Maru.'

'Thank you Haiki, We are now arriving the house of a girl named Usagi Tsukino. Why you ask? It is because she had been seen with the stars called the Three Lights. Also there have been rumors on her looking like the famous Sailor Moon!' There had been a picture of Usagi and Sailor Moon.

"No!" Usagi yelled and leaped out of the couch spilling a bit of coffee and made sure the doors were locked along with her windows. "Why now? Why did they just start investigating on the scouts."

Quickly she kept watching the television curiously. 'Quite alot of similarities my co-workers are also investigating her friends that look like Mercury and Venus! What does this all mean? How is this related to the Three Lights? Speaking of which they have vanished? Are these girls to blame?'

"Seiya...I'll keep everything a secret...don't worry..." She got dressed into a long sleeved blue top and dark blue skinney jeans. Besides she needed to go outside to investigate a few things herslef. Usagi took a deep breath and unlocked her door. She put on her small black coat and turned the knob slowly getting ready to face the crowd and show off the true deception she has learned all the years.

Just what everyone needed, the public growing suspicious of the scouts. Wasn't that just a twist of Mamoru? Also, when are the star lights coming in. I mean they are now starting to talk about them more, Keep reading and find out! For now, the next chapter is titled 'Lies' sounds interesting does it not? Now onto the previews!

"Oh dear Usagi seems the reporters caught Minako because of a minor slip up we need to get there." Michiru said worriedly and had Haruka swiftly drive to Minako's house.

"Helios...please...She is my daughter..." Usagi took a step toward them carefully looking at them. "Don't fill her head with such nonsense. My baby-"

"People say that you and Seyia had an affair? Is this true in anyway? Do you love him? Does he love you?" A female reporter asked also pushing through the crowds approaching Usagi.

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