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Fallen Star

"Oh no Usagi, you're burning up. You guys we have to do something for her! She isn't looking too well!" Jupiter yelled out to everyone. Usagi placed a hand on Jupiter's arm and held tightly.

"No I'm alright just a bit dizzy..that's all..." Sailor Moon whispered under her breath. "No need to worry about me I'll be alright." She smiled slightly rubbing one of her eyes slowly.

"Alright you guys it seems to be that the reason of this isn't a natural earthquake its...falling stars! Apparently the hurled toward the Earth and alot of them landed. Oh no!" Mercury wailed out and shakily got up from the ground. She had been watching many of the shooting stars fall down. All of a sudden there was a very loud boom thud and everything was quiet, still, and very dark. The first one to break the silence was Usagi groaning in pain.

"Usagi!" Minako cried out and ran to her friend in need. "You guys come on we have to get her out of her now! Jupiter you have to pick her up again...we have to leave! The hospital!" Sailor Venus yelled and helped lift up Usagi now bridal styled on Jupiter. This time Mercury had been in charge and was leading the way to the hospital. Michiru and Haruka were not spotted anywhere in sight.

Quietly the five girls traveled their way to the hospital not concerned on their Sailor state. They all rushed in the hospital and didn't bother to wait they headed to an empty room and set Usagi on the table.
"Hang in their Sailor Moon we'll get some help and find out what's wrong!" Mars yelled to her and approaced the side of her friend.

"I'm...okay really need to worry about sill me" Usagi began to breath very deeply and watched everyone's face look terrified. She tried her hardets to smile but it ended in her eyes closing from her weariness.

"Here I'll go get a doctor!" Minako yelled out and ran out to get the closest doctor and nurse. Jupiter had kept the door open, but was in the doorway gaurding them all.

"Now Sailor Moon this is important, what hurts the most out of everything?" Mercury said worriedly taking of her shoes and socks trying to get her cooler. "Mars put her hair up we need to bring her temperature down fast." Mars complied and did what she had been told. She had known Mercury knew what she had been doing because she was in college and was going for a doctor's degree.

"It' head, and my chest to." Sailor Moon whined holding a hand against her head and a hand on her chest. Quickly two doctors and two nurses entered the room along with Sailor Venus and aided Sailor Moon.

"You girls have to leave or at least one gets to stay..." The nurse said as she quickly pushed everybody out of the room and closed the door. "Quickly move!" Everyone could tell that the nurse was a complete wreck considering people have been coming in nonstop from the injuries of the fallen stars.

"Hey I'm going in-" Sailor Uranus sudenly appeared out of no where and held a hand out to the girls. She was very stubborn and had wanted to see Sailor Moon to see what exactly been wrong with her.

"What no! You abanded us when we needed you guys to watch out! There is no way you can go, Venus should go out of everyone or even Mars!" Jupiter yelled out holding up a fist against Haruka's face. The two girls, Mars and Venus looked at eachother and Rei pointed to the door and stared at Minako.

"Thanks Rei I'll tell you how she is when they finish up" Minako whispered and went quickly inside the room with the nurse. She was very anxious and saw the doctor set Usagi down on the table. "Sailor Moon please be okay hold on they'll make it better."

Later on Michiru appeared with Artemis in her arms who looked quite hurt. There were bruises all over him and he to began to get a high fever. "Artemis!" Mercury yelled out and looked at him setting him down onto a cushioned chair. "What happened to you?" She said inspecting everything about him. Ami had looked at him cautiously not wanting to hurt him in anyway.

"Luna...she isn't normal...Someone had turned her back into her human form, and...then she-" Artemis passed out to exhausted to finish his sentence.

"Oh no we have to take him to a vet now to!" Jupiter yelled out picking up her small friend. "Neptune...where did you find him?" Mokoto wondered staring up at her with saddened eyes.

Michiru looked to Haruka who had nodded no then responded, "He can tell you when he wakes up. I'm sorry, oh Sailor Moon I hope she is okay." Very upsetted Neptune tightly embraced Haruka who rubbed her back gently and at a soothing beat.


A few hours had passed by and Jupiter had been gone for an hour to the vet for Artemis. The doctors in Usagi's room had just left and suggested two girl at a time. Since Venus had already been in there Mars had decided to head inside. Outside were the sailor scouts gaurding the door with their lives. A short while passed again and a few more visitors came by. Pluto, Tuxedo mask, Chibi Moon, and Saturn were walking by.

''Where is my mother guys? I want to see her and check if she is alright.'' Chibi Moon asked innocently and walked to the door with Momaru by her side.

''Chibi-moon...'' Mercury jumped up and blocked the door then shouted,
''No! you especially cannot come inside! You betrayed her and I am so ashamed of you guys. If you ever and I mean it if you ever touch her you wll regret it.'' Amy was quite serious and was not afraid or ashamed to lash out now. Neptune went infront of Ami as Uranus went up to Tuxedo mask.

''Momaru what happened to you? I thought you loved the pincess?'' Uranus whispered then wrapped her finger around his throat. "You were so kind and gentle, but now she fears you, what happened?"

''Father! Pluto Saturn!'' Chibi moon shouted at the running out of the place swiftly. "Luna come out and play. Do what you must as planned steal Momaru's-" With that her and her pet Luna, who had seemed to be completely human, ran off further away.

Pluto swiftly ran to Uranus and smirk, ''Well nice chat but we have to cut this all short.'' Pluto wacked Uranus in the back of her head with her elbow which made her fall unconsious. Quickly the three of the ran out. As they had left Jupiter walked in with Artemis sleeping in her arms.

''Scouts!'' Jupiter yelled out and set Artemis gently onto a chair as she ran next to Neptune wh had been cradeling Uranus in her lap. ''What happened here?'' Jupiter wondered worriedly.

Ami pulled herself from the door and looked down, ''They came Chibi- moon, Tuxedo mask, Pluto, and Saturn..'' The five gathered together talking and recovering from the great shock.


Inside of Usagi's hospital room she had her eyes barely opened but she had been sitting up. "Minako...Rei...where are they others?" Usagi whispered as she held a hand to her forehead hearing a bit of talking from outside the room.

"They are all outside waiting for you." Rei spat out quickly then hugged her friend tightly. "What did the doctors say what was wrong with you?"

"They said it was a shocked reaction from the falling stars..." Venus said for Usagi then added, "Rei...I think me and Usagi have to tell you something that has been going on lately." She looked up at Sailor Moon and reached for her hand. Usagi nodded at her put still remained with her eyes closed together. "Well first, Helios...he isn't an ally anymore...He hurt Usagi because they were in a dream and well, the starlights had been there and basically Pluto, Tuxedo mask, Helios, and Saturn aren't with us anymore..." Venus looke down as a teardrop flew down her cheek to the tiled floor.

"Rei...I want Seiya! I miss him! Mamo-chan isn't worth it anymore, but I can't get over the feeling on loving him! Also I just call him Mamo-chan instead of his real name my heart just won't let me give him up. He just doesn't want me to make any social contact with them, but I can't help it!" Usagi cried out and held onto her knees weeping harshly.

"Hey there Sailor Moon it's alright, shh shh..." Rei patted her head and hugged her tight. "Venus tell the girls to get ready to leave because after she is done she'll want to be comfortable by us." Venus nodded and exited the room.


As Venus went to the door and opened it she rushed to her friends. "What happened to Artemis and Uranus?" She knelt down to Uranus who was beginning to gain consiousnous.

"Hey, I'm alright you guys how is the princess?" She sat up but Neptune had a firm grip on her hand with a few tears rolling down her cheeks. "Neptune, it's okay I'm alright now." As Uranus was let go she put a hand on her head gently.

"Sailor Moon is alright she wants to go home now. She seems to be fine it was the shock from everything that got to her." Venus looked up at Ami who had a blank look and stared at the ground. Makoto was looking around who had seemed to notice the hospital was completely vacant.

Neptune helped Hauruka to her feet lightly and had her arm wrapped around her. "Alright we will have to go, Uranus and I have buisness to do. Tell the princess to not be alone. You gaurd her with your life you hear me?" She had a very serious tone with them and she had never looked so aggressive in her life. All the scouts nodded and with that Uranus and Neptune walked away. Of course the inner scouts would have objected but they had known better than trying to get those to on changing their minds.

"You guys...where is everyone? This place is completely empty." Mokoto pointed out and walked down the hall looking around then quickly walked back.

Ami sadly took out her small laptop and typed a few things and a holograph of the building was shown. "It looks like they got out of the building...but they were just here a minute ago."

"There is no posible way tha-" Mokoto looked around but then there was a sudden scream heard from inside Sailor moon's room. The scouts on the outside broke down the door and saw Usagi crying on the bed with a hand over her heart. She had no longer been in her Sailor scout form she had been in her dress from the concert.

"Usagi! Please get a hold of yourself!" Rei cried out at her there had been tears flowing down her tears to. She had her hands on Usagi's shoulders.

"Get me out of!" Usagi cried more and more into her hands and looked down shaking her head no. Venus hurried and picked up Artemis in her arms who had still been asleep.

"Jupiter you will have to take her. Mercury find the way there to her house mummy Ikuko can help us. Mars push anyone who is in our way far as possible." Venus ordered as the group ran out with Mokoto carrying Usagi in her arms.

As the scouts and Usagi ran to her house they stopped immediently when Usagi transformed back into Sailor moon. She had once again turned into her princess form and her dress had been put back on her. "Leave me be you guys...I can't...Mamo-chan..." She teared up and cradeled to her knees then bawled once again.

"You can't go to his house Usagi!" Rei knelt down to her and yelled. "I'm sorry, but as you know, they are against us and we have to protect you. We can't leave you alone!"

"You all don't trust me at all! After Galaxia you have all been with me and I don't want that at all! I just want to be alone away from people!" Usagi had a very bitter behaivier very unordinary from her usual personality. Her eyes were completely covered in water. Then suddenly everything had turned quiet and Usagi had her face in her hands. After a few minutes of silence Usagi looked back up and noticed everyone had been gone. "Guys..." She whispered and decided to head into her house.

"Mom, Dad...I'm home!" She had tried to transform back but for some odd reason it didn't work. "Shingo? Come on you isn't funny where are you?" Usagi looked all around and walked outside when she had realized. She had recieved what she wished for, to be absolutley...alone.